Texas GOP To Cancel Daylight Saving Time: “God Said ‘Let There Be Light,’ Who Are We To Change It?”

“States across the country are taking a dim view toward daylight saving time. And some say it’s time to turn back the clock – so to speak. Lawmakers in 10 states have proposed legislation challenging what, for many, is a twice-a-year headache, and one they just endured again earlier this month. The new bills would mostly have states pick a time…and stay on that time.

“Texas state Rep. Dan Flynn, who proposed a bill that would place the entire state of Texas on central standard time year round, said: “Every time you have the fall back or spring forward, you get in the churches, coffee shops and everybody’s complaining about it and all of a sudden it dawned on me it is kind of a hassle.”

“Starting in 1966, every state in the country, with the exception of Hawaii and Arizona, started adjusting their clocks under the Uniform Act that permanently established daylight saving time nationwide. States move their clock ahead one hour in the spring and one hour back in the fall in an effort to “save daylight” with later sunsets and sunrises.

“But the practice has been scrutinized since its inception. In Illinois, state Rep. Bill Mitchell submitted a proposal that calls for the state to stay on daylight saving time year-round. Mitchell told Fox News: “It’s always been a pain and a group of citizens came to me and said ‘Hey, we should do daylight throughout the whole year.’”

“Proponents of scrapping daylight saving time say it’s generally unnecessary, disturbs sleep patterns and has recently become even more complicated. In 1986, Congress extended daylight saving from a six- to a seven-month period and extended it again in 2005 to eight months – mid-March to mid-November.

“The author of “Spring Forward: The Annual Madness of Daylight Saving,” Michael Downing, said: “Congress really gave us a wise compromise in 1966 with six months of standard time, but because of the lobbies on behalf of daylight we now spring forward in the middle of the winter.”

Speaking exclusively to Newslo, Flynn stated that “it is not within the power of men to alter that which has been set forth by God.”
“I’m well aware that the Republican Party has a reputation of being conservative, traditional and somewhat antiquated. However, in these immensely turbulent times, I look upon that as a good thing, rather than the opposite. Maintaining our true values and holding on to what the good Book says is something we must practice in our daily lives,” he said.

He also added: “The Lord was the one who said ‘Let There Be Light,’ and I’ll be damned if I don’t uphold His word. After all, Democrats do as they please and look where it got them.”

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