Texas Gov. Proclaims Cars With Christian Cross Will Have“Priority At Traffic Lights”

The governor of Texas supports police putting cross images on their patrol cars, saying that they are part of U.S. historical practices, and symbols of service, his office said on Friday. Governor Gregg Abbott, a Republican, offered his support for the crosses in a brief filed to the state’s attorney general. He was responding to a sheriff’s office in Brewster County that received a complaint about images of a Christian cross with a horizontal thin blue line displayed on its patrol vehicles. “In addition to its religious significance, the cross has a long history in American and elsewhere as a symbol of service and sacrifice,” Abbot wrote.

The governor went even further in demonstrating his support to “traditional Christian symbols and values,” saying that “not only should police vehicles in Texas feature the cross on them, but I believe that vehicles across the nation should also do the same. Furthermore, I see no reason why we should limit this sort of positive symbolism to just vehicles that belong to the police. Other government agencies should also join in, as well as paramedics and firefighters and even ordinary citizens.”

“And to make sure that all sides are heard,” Abbott added, “I am well aware of the complaints that are coming in regarding this kind of practice in Texas. And, truth be told, I have only one thing to say about that. The fact to the matter is that Christianity is the predominant religion in the United States, one can even say that it’s the official religion of our great nation. And as such, that means that it is practiced by the majority of the population.”

“Now, while the minorities should be protected and should also have the same rights and freedoms as everybody else, I believe they also must respect the will of the majority, since they are living in our country, not the other way around. They came to America, we didn’t go to their native lands. So, while they’re here, they’ll be safe, they’ll be able to work and make money, but they’ll also have to respect the fact that we’re Christians and that we’re proud of it,” he argued.

Abbott also said: “Therefore, not only will police officers be allowed to keep the symbols of a cross on their vehicles in the great state of Texas, but I hereby decree that all cars with a cross on them in some shape or form will have priority when it comes to traffic lights, intersections and general traffic rules and regulations in our state. We wouldn’t want to insult the Man Upstairs now, would we? We Texans are pretty traditional and have faith that He will bless us and allow us to prosper if we incorporate His name and His symbol in everything we do. In fact, we’ll make this a trial run. If all goes well and we start earning more money and our sick start to heal, heck, we’ll put a cross on every single building in Texas if that helps. After all, a man’s faith is what keeps him going through the troubles of everyday.”

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