Texas Republican Pushes Bill To Jail Teachers Who Claim That Humans Emerged From Africa

A group of white students walked out of a college classroom Tuesday after an anthropology professor said all humans were descended from Africa. As they left, other students in the class began chanting, “Black lives matter,” in recognition of the social justice movement protesting racial injustice across the United States. Other students who stayed in the classroom told the professor they were offended and began arguing with their classmates, according to media reports.

Such an incident has once again sparked disagreement and vigorous debates in the traditionally red state, and the news did not go unnoticed by the governor Greg Abbott. “I’ve looked into this issue thoroughly and I can say that it represents a common problem we’ve had before, throughout the state of Texas,” Abbott told El Paso Daily in an exclusive interview Saturday. “It is shameful that we today have college professors that have the audacity to argue that all humans come from Africa when we were clearly designed by God in his image and put on this earth from the heavens above.”

Abbott argued that college professors knew their anthropology “the right way” during his years in college. “Back when I was at University of Texas at Austin, our professors knew their stuff to the letter,” the governor revealed. “Knowing where we think we come from is nice, to say the least; it’s good to explore every nook and cranny of every theoretical standpoint that people have the misfortune of imagining, but at the end of the day, even they knew that the only reason why there are human beings on this earth today is Our Lord, Jesus Christ. And they didn’t try to keep that a secret, I’ll tell y’all that much, too.”

“And that’s why I was so surprised to learn about this so-called professor who’s trying to teach our kids that we all come from the same place as black people,” he continued. “I don’t know who he thinks he is, but I can promise you one thing: that sorry excuse for a college professor is going to jail very soon. Because those who dare to mislead our children on purpose deserve the harshest of punishments. And that goes for all other professors, teachers, mentors, and guidance councilors who feel an urge to lie to our children about where we as a species come from,” Abbott said.

“In addition to being sacrilege, it’s also incredibly offensive for white people,” he opined. “Because, I don’t know about other states – well, I can pretty much guess how California fells about it – but when it comes to citizens of Texas, I can guarantee they all feel the same way I do. I didn’t come from Africa, my ancestors didn’t emerge there. I am a white, conservative American and I was put in the great state of Texas to celebrate the Lord and serve his flock. And as far as anthropology professors go – we don’t need them in Texas, like, at all. At least not the ones who are Democrats at the same time,” the governor concluded.