Texas Republicans Aim To Prosecute Gays For “Creating AIDS”

The American Family Association was not pleased with President Obama’s recent proclamation commemorating LGBT pride month, posting a video on its website recently taking particular issue with the president’s mention that his administration has “worked to strengthen our National HIV/AIDS Strategy to reduce new infections, increase access to care, and improve health outcomes for people living with HIV.”

Similarly, Texas state Republicans are also not happy with the fact that homosexuals, lesbians and transgender people throughout America are finally succeeding in their longstanding efforts of achieving equality in all matters of life. “It is just ludicrous what passes for equality these days,” said Robert Morrow, the controversial chairman of the fifth-largest county in Texas. “Gays have not been, are not and will never be equal to normal people, ever. Period.”

Vice chairman Matt Mackowiak agreed, adding that “the great state of Texas will do everything in its power to make sure gays pay for the evil they have created and unleashed onto unsuspecting God-fearing Americans and other nations.” “Gays have created AIDS, this is a scientific fact. And not only have they brought about this modern-day plague, they have also managed to decimate normal people with it. They will burn in hell for their sins, of that I have no doubt. The question now is, what will we do while they’re still here?”

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, known for his vigorous arguments against the LGBT community and same-sex marriage, argued that “every single gay person in the state of Texas should be brought to justice and tried in front of his fellow abominations.” “And this will only be the beginning, since Texas has always been known as a state in which everything is the biggest in America, and that includes the sense of justice and doing what’s right. Call it what you want, but being gay is a choice, not an inherent orientation. There IS a choice and there always has been. Unfortunately, many have fallen under the influence of the Devil and will have to pay the price for it,” Abbott said.

“I am not worried at all about other states following our example,” he added. “I know that 95% of the states agree with what we’re about to do, but are afraid to say it publically because it might cause riots. If I had to choose, I’d say my number one concern is California. They’ve always been too liberal for my taste. And if anyone is going to try to sabotage nation-wide gay trials, it’s going to be them. Because, let’s face it – being gay today is just as lucrative as working on Wall Street used to be. All you have to do is shoot one or two gay home videos and not only are you famous, but you’re also a star and you’ve infected another unsuspecting lost sheep with AIDS. And then the big bucks start rolling in. That’s why it’s essential to get the wheels moving as soon as possible,” he added.