Turkish President Says It’s No Coincidence Every Thanksgiving Features A Turkey

November 27th is Thanksgiving; one of the most famous holidays on the American continent and the way in which the North American people celebrates the first settlers who came to the New World in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Patriotism has always been a great American tradition. And there’s nothing more traditional than a hot, smoking turkey served at Thanksgiving. However, in recent years, populations of wild turkeys throughout the American continent have soared sky high, which has baffled the scientists.

Are the turkeys here for revenge?
Well, the turkeys might not be, but the Turks certainly are.

In fact, according to the President of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan, there’s quite a reason why turkey, of all the animals abundant on the American continent, is the one typically carved up every Thanksgiving.

“A summit held in the Turkish capital of Istanbul on November 15th, which featured Latin American Muslim leaders, saw President Erdogan boldly claiming that “it was Muslims who actually discovered America in 1178 and not Christopher Columbus.”

“Erdogan even supported his claims by referencing to “the existence of a mosque on a hill on the Cuban coast”, which is something Columbus allegedly stated in his original diary he had written some 300 years after the “actual initial” discovery of the New World.

“The Turkish President even added that his “government would be happy to build a new mosque at the site in Cuba.”

Upon reminding Mr. Erdogan of his flammable statements from the Istanbul summit in an exclusive interview with Newslo, the president of Turkey seemed thrilled to be able to return to the topic: “I am a conservative and my countrymen know how I feel about lying. But the fact to the matter is that every time an American takes a bite of turkey meat anywhere in the world, they should keep in mind that they should, in fact, be thanking Turks, not Native Americans or…whoever.”