The Benefits of E-Learning for Businesses

Perhaps more than ever, 2020 is the year that businesses will start finding new ways to get things done. We will see changing business models, a heavier reliance on technology, and of course changes to the way we train staff. E-learning has been a popular method of training for many years, but most people think of it as self-paced, web-based learning. You know the type – clicking through slides and not really paying as much attention as you should.

E-learning in Australia hasn’t always had the best reputation, and sometimes that’s just down to individual learning styles. Many people struggle with focus and engagement if they’re doing self-paced online learning. Of course, the content of e-learning courses has a role to play in this too, with many businesses using bland courses that really don’t engage their staff.

However, the future of distance learning and virtual learning environments is much brighter than it has been. Educational institutions like schools and universities are needing to embrace virtual learning, and the good news is that businesses can now harness the power of better e-learning.

Your Teams Deserve Better E-Learning

Finding time to attend a day of face-to-face training can be difficult at the best of times. For employers, it’s even more difficult to try and schedule as many people as possible to be off the floor for a whole day. It disrupts daily operations, puts people behind in their work, and some people don’t even enjoy classroom learning.

The problem has been that the alternative, e-learning, hasn’t always been what people want either. If the content isn’t delivered in a truly interactive and engaging way, it can be easy for people to just click through it without really getting the maximum benefits. Put simply, e-learning in Australia is super convenient, but it needs to meet people’s needs.

That’s why MCI Solutions have put together a unique virtual learning environment designed to actively get people involved in training, without the need to even leave their desks. The Virtual Classrooms Catalogue offers facilitator-led classes that run online, and participants have the ability to interact with the class more easily.

Better still, the catalogue allows people to attend as many times as they want, and can even broadcast the class in team meetings or another time that suits them. You get the benefits of a live virtual classroom, but also the opportunity to replay it as you see fit.

Catering to Different Learning Styles

Quite simply, some people don’t even enjoy classroom learning if they could make the time in their schedules. They’d rather learn at their own pace, on their own time, without distractions. On the other hand, some people would much rather learn in a facilitator-led environment. So, how do you strike a balance? Providing a virtual learning environment for your teams is a great way to get the best of both worlds.

Think of it like live distance learning. These facilitator-led classes run for 90 minutes, covering a range of topics from Microsoft programs training to personal development. Accessing the catalogue is simple, you can have as many people attending as you like, and there’s no limit to how many times you can attend.

The real benefit is it mixes traditional classroom learning with e-learning courses. Employees have the benefit of scheduling courses on their own time, which gives them more flexibility. But they also get engaging content and facilitators who keep things running and get everyone involved.

A Whole Catalogue of Virtual Learning

People want choices in their virtual learning, and innovations like the MCI Virtual Classroom Catalogue deliver exactly that. As employers, you want to ensure your staff can get the training they really need. One of the keys to keeping people engaged is offering appropriate development opportunities that are relevant to their career.

Many businesses make the mistake of sending people to compulsory training courses, without really considering if it’s right for the individual. Offering development opportunities is great, but they need to be useful. Allowing people access to a wide catalogue of courses lets them take control of their development, and makes the whole process more meaningful for them.

Microsoft Office Courses

All of the popular Microsoft training courses are available in a virtual learning environment. You can get your staff upskilled in programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, even Visio and Project. These tools are so frequently used in most offices around the country, but a lot of people wish they could harness their power for more.

If your business wants super-skilled staff who can get more out of the tools they already have, these Microsoft Office courses are ideal. Best of all, the virtual classroom environment allows interactivity that people may not ordinarily get in a normal classroom environment.

Professional Development Courses

All businesses should be looking to develop their staff into the leaders of tomorrow. If you’ve got people who don’t have leadership aspirations, that’s fine too, because there are plenty of professional development courses that can help them in their everyday work.

Whether it be courses on communication skills, self-management or how to work productively in a team, all these courses can be of benefit. There are also specific leadership courses. These are the courses that really show your team that you’re investing in them as people. The skills they learn are transferable to all parts of their life, so they can get some real benefit from attending.

On the business side of things, you’re developing a team of people who are more equipped to handle anything that comes their way.

Unlimited Training Spaces – You Manage Your Own Schedules

With MCI’s Virtual Classroom Catalogue, there are plenty of classes taking place every month. This puts you back in control of your training and development packages. Because spaces are unlimited, you’ve got the chance to schedule everyone in during quiet parts of the month. Alternatively, if it’s too disruptive to have several people attending courses all at once, simply book people in a staggered approach.

Your teams don’t have to leave the office, making coordinating courses much easier. If you want courses that have a more specific approach to your business, you can even book out an entire course for your employees. That way, participants can share experiences and everyone will understand just what they’re talking about.

No more waiting for your training provider to have free spaces in their face-to-face courses, all you need to do is sign your people up and book them in. Managing e-learning in Australia just got a whole lot easier.

Flexibility of Learning for Staff

One of the most important aspects of any training environment is flexibility. That’s why e-learning has become so popular in the first place. However, you can now access distance learning without some of the pitfalls of self-paced e-learning modules. Virtual classrooms allow you to really connect with the course content, the facilitator and even other participants.

The time-management aspect is also appealing for many staff. Training can be a double edged-sword. People want development, but they know spending a whole day off site in a training course is going to cause a backlog of work they have to catch up on. With these convenient, bite-sized e-learning courses, your employees can take back some control over their training and workloads.

Things are forever changing in the business space, and training is no exception. The great thing is, there really is a better way to do e-learning, and virtual classrooms deliver it. Offerings like the MCI Virtual Classrooms Catalogue gives you so much more flexibility of when you and your staff access training. Not to mention you’re getting the best parts of the classroom and e-learning all in one. What’s not to love?