The Best Real Estate Investing Blogs Investors Are Reading in 2020

If you’re looking for some educational resources that can keep you up to date on all the hottest trends and news when it comes to real estate investments, we have a solution for you.

There are tons of real estate investing blogs that are great tools for making the right decisions when it comes to making investments.

Keep reading for some of the best blogs that you should look into to up your knowledge of the market today

Ideal REI

Interested in investing in real estate? This blog by Eric Bowlin is a perfect blog for beginners. Bowlin tries to find ideas on how real estate investment can be done in a way that works for a multitude of different people and situations.

Bowlin is very good at breaking down confusing terminology into easy-to-read language. This can help familiarize a newcomer to the terminology and practices within this market.

The blog breaks down this market into multiple different sectors. It covers topics from landlord matters to mortgage payments. The blog is full of advice, as well as stories and interviews with people active in the market.

Mr. Money Mustache

Despite the silly name, this blog has become one of the most renowned educational platforms in the industry. Peter Adeney focuses on ways to have financial freedom before retirement. He pushes that this can be done through good financial decision making.

Adeney gives real, first-person advice from his experience in the stock market, as well as his investments in rental properties. He gives advice on how to be a good landlord as well as insight into real estate investing. His advice is backed up, as he is open about the fact that his investments have turned into long term regular income.

Millennial Money

This blog, written by the self-starter success story Grant Sabatier, is educational and inspirational. Sabatier shares his story about his transformation from a broke college kid living on his parent’s couch, to becoming a millionaire before even turning 30. He hopes to help others reach their goal of financial independence.

Sabatier gives great tips and advice and really pushes readers to follow and maintain these practices as soon as they begin making major financial decisions. On his blog, Sabatier also recommends other resources to help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Sabatier is also an avid reader. On the site, he always suggests helpful books that can help you learn more about the real estate market and other finance-focused topics.

The Simple Dollar

Trent Hamm, the voice behind The Simple Dollar blog, works to help people facing the same struggles he once did. Before achieving financial success, Hamm struggled with debt and frivolous spending habits. His understanding tone is helpful for those who are in need of ways to help plan for their futures.

While the blog is devoted to improving personal finances as a whole, there is a section dedicated to property and real estate investments. The blog goes over the fundamentals of the industry, with information on everything from negative and positive cash flows to property taxes. With tons of information on real estate management, this is a great site for someone trying to navigate this field.

The College Investor

This site is dedicated to helping college graduates pay off student loans and avoid debt by making good investments. Robert Farrington was inspired to start this resource as he saw friends his age fall into bad financial decision making. He realized this was due to a lack of education on this topic.

Farrington gives young adults helpful advice on how to invest wisely, but the advice is helpful no matter your age.

The blog also gives information on passive investment options. Farrington goes over options like REIT’s that can generate regular money without tons of work and effort. This is a great idea for a busy college student or entrepreneur.

Cash Cow Couple

This site is run by husband and wife, Jacob and Vanessa, who wanted to help other newlyweds that were experiencing some serious debt. After gaining financial freedom, they decided to give others real-life advice on how to get there. The couple covers topics like personal finance and investment strategies.

Wise Bread

While Wise Bread now has a community of bloggers for their site, this platform was started by three high school friends. The founders wanted their site to be a place for people living on a budget, with advice on how to make the most of any financial situation. The site is full of advice on how to spend your money wisely, with thrifty tips and tricks.

Wise Bread also focuses on trying to help others with wealth-building through frugality and investing. With entertaining stories from tons of individuals that are active investors, you can learn about how others have gained success. The site even includes stories on how young millionaires invest their money.

With these insights into real-life investment stories, this site offers glimpses into many different strategies that can help you on your investment journey.

Real Estate Investing Blogs You Should Follow Today

These real estate investing blogs are a great free resource to help you on your investment journey. Written by various individuals who have gained financial freedom, these blogs are not only helpful in regard to real estate investing, but financial decision making as a whole. Check out some of these blogs to get some valuable information that will help you on the road to financial success.

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