The Best 11 Types of Law to Practice You Should Know

There were more than 1 million legal attorneys actively working in the United States in 2019.

Fortunately, not all of these attorneys are fighting to work in the same industries. There are many types of law to practice and many paths to take in the legal world.

Best Types of Law to Practice

The hardest part about learning law is figuring out what industry to specialize in.

Continue reading to discover the best type of law to practice so that you can follow your dreams and goals!

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1. Business

When attorneys go into the business industry, they are often dealing with corporate and commercial law.

These types of law to practice lawyers will help people make decisions that impact a business. If someone is trying to form a new company, they will hire someone with a business law background. Business attorneys often work in large firms for the companies that they are supporting.

Business law overlaps with many other types of law. In your education, you will learn about the following legal areas; tax law, real estate law, and intellectual property law.

2. Real Estate

When dealing with property sales and purchases, a real estate legal professional should always be involved.

Studying legal real estate can help you manage landlord and tenant disputes along with foreclosures and title issues. Since most of this work involves meeting with clients, you won’t spend much time in the courts.

This types of law to practice is an excellent career if you enjoy negotiating terms regarding properties.

3. Entertainment

If you are looking for the best type of law to practice that involves music, the entertainment industry is an excellent area to specialize in.

Entertainment attorneys can help music artists protect the rights to their music and videos. They can help sue people that try to steal another persons’ creations. These attorneys work with a variety of people and by becoming one, you could potentially work with your favorite music artist!

4. Family

Not all attorneys work for the government or large corporations. Some work with family members.

Family attorneys help families that need support during adoption and divorce processes. You may also specialize in child welfare while teaming up with social workers.

As an attorney that specializes in family law, you will likely work at a small firm. Be prepared to talk to people and get to know them in this career and get the practical tips for finding a family lawyer from here.

5. Health

If you want to work in a legal industry that will continue to grow, you should consider health law and this types of law to study is good practice.

Health law professionals can help hospitals, private practices, and nursing homes. They can provide services to anything health-related. As a health attorney, you may take part in cases against a hospital or company.

People in this field must pay close attention to details and ask questions to be successful. Healthcare attorneys often deal with health centers and their regulations. In this career, you will draft contracts, offer advice and provide other legal services.

6. Criminal

While watching Making a Murderer or other suspense docuseries, you may notice that there is always an attorney around.

Attorneys that specialize in criminal law work as defense attorneys and prosecutors. You are often in the courts fighting cases when you go down this career path. If you can handle multiple cases at once and enjoy helping people, this is the best type of law to practice for you.

If you practice criminal law, you may also need to provide leads for attorneys to help cover the case.

7. Civil Rights

Have you ever wanted to help people earn new rights and protect the ones they already have?

By going to law school and specializing in civil rights, you can do this! You can work for non-profit organizations or governmental ones. The Commission on Civil Rights and US Equal Employment Opportunities are two places to work through the government.

Unfortunately, specialized in civil rights law doesn’t typically lead to a lot of money, but it can be very fulfilling for those with a goal.

8. Bankruptcy

Specializing in bankruptcy for your legal career can be a good idea if you want to help people and businesses in debt.

You can also help creditors receive money from the people that owe it. As a bankruptcy lawyer, you will spend most of your time at the office, rather than in the courts. If you have a background in accounting or banking, you can excel even more, as a bankruptcy attorney.

9. Environmental

Do you have a passion for the outdoors and wildlife?

Going into environmental law can be a great way to combine this passion with your legal degree. As an environmental attorney, you will spend a lot of time doing research and analyzing regulations.

Environmental attorneys must consider state, federal, and transnational laws while working on cases. This is the best kind of law to practice if you want to help fight global warming and the impacts that factories can have on people and the environment.

Someone has to fight for the environment so that we have air to breathe and ground to stand on.

10. Intellectual Property

Much like entertainment law, intellectual property law has to deal with the legal rights of artists and inventions.

When you follow an intellectual property career, you will work with copyright law, trademarks, and patents. These are often brought up when a new invention is created and the company wants to protect its design.

Most intellectual property attorneys know technology, science, and math. This job involves many details that must not be overlooked.

The Best Type of Law to Practice

Deciding on the best types of law to practice can be a difficult choice to make.

Although some areas of expertise are more popular than others, the best type will depend on your interests.

Business and real estate law are two of the best types of law to practice amongst attorneys. You can also practice law revolving around the music industry. Environmental law is another area of expertise that can help you positively impact the world.

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