The Christian Post Calls Caitlyn Jenner To Suicide

“A man who identifies as ex-transgender has expressed “caution” regarding former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner’s decision to change his gender identity to become “Caitlyn.” Walt Heyer, author and blogger with The Federalist, stated in an interview Tuesday with CNN that while Caitlyn Jenner may feel great at present “this doesn’t always last.”

““The surgeons can make it look like you changed genders but the fact of the matter is it’s all cosmetic surgery. There’s really no actual gender change,” Heyer asserted during an interview with CNN’s Carol Costello. “I felt like I had been duped, tricked, and it wasn’t really real. I wasn’t really a woman. I looked like one.”

” In an interview with The Christian Post, Heyer said: “I suggested caution because I have received hundreds of emails from transgenders over the years who regret making the transition. The long-term outcomes are not always the best and suicide is always a risk.”

Days later, The Christian Post published an article on the long-term dangers of transgender surgery, referencing Heyer’s words and listing Jenner as the most obvious and recent example of things going wrong. The article said: “Whenever one feels the urge of thinking about themselves as the opposite gender, be patient. It will go away in time.”

Surprisingly, the article also had other brilliant tips for those struggling with their gender identity: “Keep in mind that it could all be sexual. If you start feeling like you’re attracted to the same sex, there’s even a chance you’re actually gay or lesbian. God knows that’s also a sin, but compared to gender issues, that’s a walk in the park. You’ll be better off as gay or lesbian than surgically altering your gender.”

And to top it all off, the site even saw fit to offer a “friendly advice” to Caitlyn Jenner, saying: “Living in accordance with one’s inner feelings should be and is the right of all sentient beings. However, when such a way of living goes against every moral fiber of a religion, especially such an important and widespread one as Christianity, there can be no compromises. Many more will destroy their lives if they follow the path of the abomination formerly known as Bruce Jenner. Yours is a great sin, Caitlyn Jenner. To take your own life would be an act of mercy at this point. Think about it.”

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