The New York Mets Made Post-Season Vacation Plans During Spring Training

QUEENS, N.Y. — A Mets player who wishes to remain anonymous leaked an email thread to the sports media last night, revealing that most of the Mets roster had secretly scheduled a vacation to Sydney, Australia, during the first two weeks of October.  The thread began before the start of the season at the team’s training facility in Port St. Lucie.

It was reportedly started by David Wright, who led with the subject line, “Who else is down for a trip down unda?” According to the email thread, players responded positively within minutes. Left fielder Jason Bay replied, “Australia vs. another season of letting down our fans… Can we just leave now? lol. I signed with the Mets to avoid playing in October.”

Players could not be reached for a comment. A very brief press release has been issued on their behalf by Mets owner Fred Wilpon:  “The Mets organization does not condone trips to Australia, especially those booked for the playoffs before the Season even starts. You never know, we might make the playoffs, right? I mean, we had a chance, right?”

Some of the most damaging evidence against the team comes in a thread started mid-season by the Met’s bench players who were worried that they wouldn’t be making the trip down “unda” in October.  Johan Santana, quickly reminded them of the team they played for: “C’mon,” Santana reportedly said, “you’re on the Mets. Be reasonable: we only play half the season.  This franchise hasn’t played a full-season since 2007.”

Some sportswriters have speculated upon the leaked thread, saying that further investigation should be made into whether Mets teams in recent years have also participated in such postseason vacation planning. The Mets seasons in 2007 and ’08 have been of the greatest concern, as some writers say colossal Mets’ collapses in the final weeks of both of those seasons could be explained by their adherence to planned vacations.

Several fans have gone on sports message boards looking to organize a boycott, imploring fans to refrain from attending or watching Mets games this season.