A Step by Step Look at the Personal Injury Lawsuit Process in Georgia

In Georgia, the lawsuit against a defendant requires a collection of valid proofs to claim personal injury. In case of a personal injury, you must report immediately for an investigation so you can claim the compensations for your personal injury. Atlanta personal injury lawyer is always vigilant and helps you with the personal injury claims. They gather and organize evidence effectively to prove the defendant’s liability.

Each state has a different personal injury lawsuit process. Similarly, in Georgia, the process depends on different conditions. The time duration for filing, submitting a demand letter, and going for trial should be clear to you. If you fail to file a case in the given time frame, your case will be legally dismissed due to your negligence. Claims against the government require one year to file your lawsuit.

Following is a step by step guide to looking at the personal injury process in Georgia

Each case is different and requires the application of different laws on it. Atlanta personal injury lawyers are experts, experienced, and knowledgeable in their profession. They ensure the correctness of each lawsuit process and deliver effective results.

1. Get Medical Attention:

Visit a doctor immediately after the accident and tend to your injuries. It is your utmost responsibility to seek medical attention before filing a lawsuit. Do not rush home after the car accident. Get treatment, get a copy of the medical bills, and invoices and keep them as a record.

2. Hire a Good Lawyer:

Hiring the best lawyer can decide half the results of your lawsuit case. A good lawyer must know all state laws related to personal injuries. They should have keen information about the local players and the assessment of options. Atlanta personal injury lawyers are skilled, compassionate and have a proven record of successful results handling accident claims.

3. Start a Post-accident Diary:

A post-accident diary keeps records of your medical bills, invoices, expenses, and the healing process. Write down all relevant and important details regarding your medical treatments and injuries for future references. This way, the personal injury attorney will view the accident from your point of view.

4. Draft a Demand Letter:

A demand letter will comprise compensation and financial assistance from your insurance company. It will be designed by your personal injury lawyer. This letter will explain how and where the accident occurred and what were the aftermaths in terms of medical bills, expenses, lost wages, and property loss.

5. Negotiate a Statement:

The negotiation of a statement will occur between you and the insurance company. They will decide if they value your demand letter or refuse to assist in the damage done. The matter should be settled between both parties. In the U.S, around 95% of cases are resolved before trial.

6. Move on to a Trial:

In the last step of the lawsuit, if your negotiations with the insurance company fail, your attorney will form a demand letter mentioning the details of your accident, expenses, and demanding compensation. This demand letter will be submitted at the local court, and a copy of it will be given to the defendant so they can manage to hire their attorney in their defense as well.

If you want to win a personal injury lawsuit, you need to have an experienced attorney by your side. They will understand all the technicalities of the case and will help you win it.