Conway: “The Real Danger For America Are The Leaks That Could Tell Everyone What’s Really Going On In The White House”

While Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway was getting aggressively questioned by multiple news outlets on the Michael Flynn scandal on Tuesday, she got a bit of relief when she went on Fox News’s morning program Fox & Friends. Instead of asking Conway to justify President Donald Trump’s decision to continue employing Gen. Flynn as his national security adviser despite being warned by the Justice Department that he may have been compromised by Russian spies, the Fox & Friends crew instead asked Conway to talk about the disturbing number of leaks from within the government that were seemingly crafted to undermine Flynn. “Well, you may be the only outlet talking about that this morning, she said. “So thank you for shining a light there.”

“Look, if you’re asking for my input and opinion as a civilian, as citizen of this country and not an adviser to our president, then I’d be more than glad to give it to you,” Conway said. “And I’m of the opinion that this country is faced with many dangers from many parts of the world, the least of which happens to be the purported betrayal of one of our own people. I’m neither supporting nor defending Gen. Flynn, but I will say this: what he’s being accused of is minute compared to some of the other dangers that are threatening to destroy the centuries-old system of governing in this country. Do I think what Flynn is accused of is shameful? Of course it is. Do I believe it to be the biggest scandal in American history? Not by a long shot.”

“And here’s why,” she continued. “This country was founded on the principles of democracy. And democracy means freedom for all citizens. Now, when you mention the term ‘freedom,’ a number of people tends to equate that word with another, slightly different term, which is ‘freedom of information.’ The two should not be confused. Freedom of a country’s citizens is a term that signifies various degrees of liberty for the population throughout the country’s territories, including rights embedded in the Constitution of the United States. There should be no confusion there, and that’s something we teach little kids in school, okay?”

“On the other hand, when we say ‘freedom of information,’ that’s not to say there is a completely free flow of information between citizens and other countries. The United States has the right to monitor all information that comes in, as well as leaves the nation, so as to protect its boundaries and population in a better way. This is textbook stuff, okay, there’s nothing new here. However,” Conway went on, “what goes on in the White House, which is like the headquarters of the nation, is something that’s intended only for those with the highest security clearance. In other words, the decisions that are made in the White House, as well as the conversations that are conducted, and plans that are made in there are all exclusively available to only a handful of people. That’s just not public information and nobody else should be privy to it. If that goes out the window, we might as well kiss this country and all of its people goodbye.”

“So, the fact that there are leaks that are giving away top secret information from the White House is, at least in my book, a far more dangerous situation than the fact that a Trump administration official is accused of consorting with Russian spies or that he’s being blackmailed by Russia. That’s like comparing an explosion caused by a nuclear warhead to that of a 4th of July firecracker; the two just aren’t in the same ballpark, not even remotely. So, excuse me for not being gravely concerned about yet another conspiracy theory whose only purpose is the scare the living daylights out of the entire Trump administration. I’m just not buying it. I know the Ruskies and this is not how they operate. I’m just fearful of them having an ear to the ground, looking to get intel from the said leaks. I mean, why if they found out something really dangerous and juicy? For instance, that President Trump farts in his sleep? We’ll be the laughing stock of the globe,” she concluded.