The Secret Behind Trade Show Booth Designs That Attract Attendees

Did you know that the second-largest source of revenue for B2B companies is trade shows?

That explains why the trade show industry generates billions of dollars each year. If you plan to participate in a trade show, you have a lot to think about to maximize your ROI.

You have to have outstanding booth placement and a trade show booth design that’s memorable. Keep reading to find out how you can create a trade show display that gets results for your business.

1. It’s Aligned With Your Purpose and Brand

Why are you investing thousands of dollars in a trade show? The answer to this question will help you solidify your trade show booth design.

For example, you want to be at a trade show to release a new product. In that case, you want to have the booth designed in a way that’s brand-centric. Your brand is front and center and people get to experience the new product first-hand.

If you’re there to promote several product lines under an umbrella brand, then you’ll want to design the booth in a way that unifies the product lines and the major brand.

Take elements from each brand that are aligned. Make sure these elements are highlighted in your booth design for brand consistency.

Going to a trade show for the purpose of collecting leads requires a slightly different booth design. You want to have a booth that’s welcoming and gives space for people to step into the booth. That approach pulls them away from trade show traffic and they are more likely to be engaged with your company and become a lead.

2. Make It Memorable

Trade shows are a whirlwind for exhibitors and attendees. It’s hard for anyone to remember what they saw or who they spoke with.

Your trade show booth should be designed in a way that stands out from the crowd. It needs to be innovative and creative. If you want to make it memorable, make it fun.

Even if you have a very professional brand reputation, you can treat your booth space like an employee picnic. Have different games that attendees can play and enjoy themselves. They’ll be more likely to remember that than having a conversation with someone at your booth.

3. Use Booth Designers

If you’re completely stuck designing your trade show booth, you can outsource your design to a display company. Booth designers will take your needs and brand concept and turn it into a trade show booth.

Check out sites like or local advertising agencies for help with your design.

Make the Most of Your Trade Show Booth Design

Your trade show booth design can be the most amazing thing to appear at any trade show. That hard work to put the trade show experience can go to waste if you don’t have a plan to follow up with leads.

Make it a point to take a day after you return from the trade show to follow up with your leads. Most people return and try to play catch up at the office. After a few days, they’re back to the regular routine and feel it’s too late to follow up.

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