The Top 7 Sideboobs of Syria

1. We couldn’t find one that deserved the number one slot, but what are your thoughts on us striking Syria?

2. Ehhh…Still searching for a good one, we got a bit tied up reading about this….‘Little Doubt’ Syria Gassed Opposition –

3.  Watch This…..‘Legitimate Rape’ Pharmaceutical Ad first, and then we’ll finally get to the sideboobs.

4.  Almost there.. but how excited are you to objectify women? Do you know if Syrian schools are still opened?

5. Still struggling with what’s going on in Syria to focus on this one…but we heard that this year’s Grammy’s might be held in Damascus.

6. If you can’t wait any longer maybe you should go here and objectify women… Compare Sideboobs –, We also heard they have a really good section on what’s taking place in Syria, and even Egypt.

7.  At least we got you to read about Syria.

Bonus:  “Oops! Sorry we just couldn’t find anything on this, but you probably shouldn’t have clicked on this in the first place. Go read something that matters, you chauvinistic pig.”

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