Theft Damage Claim Lawyer

Thieves are a big inconvenience to honest, hardworking property owners. If someone breaks into your commercial building or residential home, you can expect to incur property damage and stolen possessions. Not only that, but thieves violate your privacy by invading your personal location without an invitation. It can make some people feel uneasy and scared to ever go back to their property again.

Theft damage is covered by many property insurance policies in Florida. However, you need to pay attention to the provisions of the coverage because they have specific rules in place when it comes to filing claims. Do not assume that theft, robbery, and burglary all fall under one category because they do not. Let’s examine the differences between them.

Theft – If something is stolen or taken from your property in any possible way, then it is considered “theft.’

Robbery – If something is stolen or taken from your property by an act of violence of force, then it is a “robbery.”

Burglary – If an intruder damages the place of entry, such as your doors or windows, in order to get inside your property, then it is a burglary.

If you don’t file your claim properly, you could end up paying a separate deductible for each of the theft, robbery, and burglary acts that occurred. It might not be worth it if you elected to have a higher deductible.

The Benefits of a Theft Damage Claim Lawyer

Before you file your theft damage claim, you might want to consider calling the theft damage claim lawyers of the Louis Law Group first. We can advise you on the best way to file your claim. If you’d like, we can even file the claim for you and ensure that it is done properly. Otherwise, you could end up paying more money in deductibles.

Stolen items could earn you the most compensation. The average Florida insurance policy offers coverage specifically for stolen items from your property. These are often valuable or irreplaceable items that will affect you financially and emotionally. Some examples of these items include the following:

  • Computers and mobile devices
  • Business inventory and other commercial-related property
  • Gold and silver
  • Cash, coins and other forms of money
  • Credit cards, deeds, stamps, securities
  • Firearms

If any valuable items like these are missing from your property, then you may receive compensation from the theft damage coverage of your insurance policy.

What to Do

If a burglary or robbery has resulted in the theft of your personal items and property, then you need to take action immediately. Here are the basic steps that you need to take:

  • Make a list of all the valuable items that were stolen. Try to be as specific as possible in describing the items. For instance, if a computer was stolen, then write down the brand and the specifications of the computer.
  • Gather photographs and receipts of these items if available.
  • Write down the date and time that you believe the items were stolen.
  • Notify the police about the theft. They will create a police report, which is helpful for the insurance claim.

If you’ve done all of these things, the next step is to contact a theft damage claim lawyer. You could file the claim first, but it is better to have legal representation in this situation. Theft claims can get tricky when dealing with insurance companies. You’d be better off with experienced legal minds on your side to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve for the stolen property.

Insurance companies get suspicious about stolen item claims because they might not believe that certain valuable items were stolen. If you cannot prove those items were stolen, then your insurance company may deny or underpay your claim. For this reason, you need the best possible defense against their suspicions and distrust.

Contact a Theft Damage Claim Lawyer

The Louis Law Group employs an elite group of theft damage claim lawyers that can assist you with your ordeal. Once we’re onboard to representing you, we can file the theft damage insurance claim on your behalf. Your insurance company will be more willing to approve your insurance claim after they see that you have real legal representation on your side. If not, then we will keep fighting until they agree to a fair settlement for the damage you incurred.