This Sunday’s ‘Breaking Bad’ to Feature Walter White Visiting Other Shows, Killing Characters

LOS ANGELES — In an effort “to tie up a lot of loose ends,” series creator Vince Gilligan says that Walter White, the main character of the AMC drama “Breaking Bad,” will spend Sunday’s episode “taking little field trips” to other television programs and causing the deaths of characters on those programs, either directly or through some repercussion of his actions.

The blog entry from Gilligan announcing the guest spots takes pains to emphasize: “We’re talking about a lotta lotta loose ends.”

“Breaking Bad” is concluding its run on AMC after five seasons and earning a trio of Emmy Awards for Bryan Cranston, who plays the show’s chemistry teacher-turned-methamphetamine mastermind. The show’s third-to-last episode, which aired this past Sunday, dispatched a tremendous number of plotlines and dangling reveals. So many so, in fact, that Gilligan says Walter White can “take a breather” and help “clean the cobwebs” out of some other series, including a few that went off the air years ago.

“First up, Walter is going to swing by ‘Family Guy,’” wrote a clearly excited Gilligan. “Through deception, manipulation and well-timed goading, he’s going to get Peter to crush Meg under an ATM. That one was actually surprisingly easy. After that, he’s going to pop in on the guys from ‘Big Bang Theory;’ I don’t want to give too much away there, but let’s just say Sheldon will be Over A Barrel about the visit.”

The blog post goes on to hint that Cranston has filmed a guest spot on “How I Met Your Mother,” although the children to whom the story is usually told will be sent to bed early. The actor could also be seen by astute viewers of “30 Rock,” “The King of Queens” and even “Seinfeld.”

“Perhaps most significant – and most destructive – will be when Heisenberg’s trademark pork pie hat finds its way onto ‘Malcolm in the Middle,’” Gilligan wrote. “Reese ends up in the hospital with what appears to be ricin poisoning, but is it? Is it?”