Tips For Sending Marketing Emails Like A Pro

Who else is guilty of deleting emails or marking them as spam? Been there, done that. For a business, an email being tossed away is alarming. Where did you go wrong as a company? You need to understand why your emails are being ignored or sent to spam. Perhaps, you are not able to grasp the attention of the audience, or your subject lines aren’t catchy. Whatever the reason may be, this needs to be fixed.

Email marketings have been sticking around for quite a while since it’s the most effective and direct way to interact with your potential customers. However, certain aspects need to be followed to turn those leads into die-hard customers.

Email Marketing? What’s that?

Email marketing is considered one of the most effective digital marketing strategies that involve sending out emails to customers and prospects. With this strategy in hand, you can convert your prospects into customers as well as the one time buyers to loyal die-hard fans.

But the question still rises, why is this important? Even with the rise of social media and spam emails, it would still be considered as the most effective method. There are two possible reasons for this:

  1. Out of the many communication channels, email is ranked as No#1. Fact check: 99% of the customers open up their emails every day.
  2. Email makes it easier to convert shoppers into regular customers.

So if you are ready to commit yourself once and for all to email marketing, then buckle up. In this article, we will educate you about how to grow an email list fast. It will also give you an insight into what email marketing is all about and what are the most effective email marketing tips that can boost your digital marketing game.

Killer Subject line

The best practise to start your email is with a killer subject line. Your subject line is what speaks out to your customers. Go for something catchy like ‘Flash Sale: Flat 50% off’ or ‘A surprise gift for you.’

The art of perfecting your subject line can make a huge difference; it can stop the customer from deleting, ignoring, or sending the email to spam. The customer would only open the email if he feels it to be beneficial for him.

Preview Text

Along with the subject line, you need an out of the park preview text to really wow the audience and encourage them to open up the email. This piece of text lets the subscriber know a little more about the content mentioned in the email, like a headliner.

If your headliner displays instructions like how to read the email online or unclickable links to your site, then you have just missed your opportunity. The text range of the preview varies from 35 to 140 characters. It is one aspect you must not neglect and thus be specific.

Get personal

Going personal is one of the most important elements you need in every email marketing campaign. Unfortunately, some email marketers misunderstand the word personalization. Here is how you can achieve personalization:

  • Making it relevant
  • Be punctual when sending out emails
  • Predict your customer’s needs

Make the customers feel as if the emails were designed specifically for them.

Lay low on the promotions

Every email you send out shouldn’t always be about promotions, even if the ultimate goal of email marketing is to expand your business.

The core of your email marketing is to nurture and establish a healthy relationship with your customers.

Email Automation

Automation in email marketing is mandatory; you can’t go on without it. Without automation, you will miss out on all the revenue. This is how it can benefit you:

  • Spike in the conversion rates
  • Increased efficiency
  • Scaling becomes easier
  • More time to pay attention to other araes of the business that can help you grow


Segmenting your customers who possess common attributes is a necessary step you must take. It helps you:

  • Design a personalized email for every group rather than every individual, thus increasing the efficiency.
  • Save time

Don’t make the mistake of sending away one email to the entire list as it would be shown to every customer and will make it look irrelevant.

Send only when it’s worth it to share

Email-only when there is something relevant to share, otherwise refrain from sending out the useless information. According to Joanna Wiebe, who is the founder of CopyHackers and Airstory, “if there is great news (for the customer like a new product launch or new store location)  or a special offer, do not hesitate to send it if you’re not adding value then just stop there.”

Email marketing isn’t about the sending technology or the channel; it is entirely about the individual you are sending out the email to. It is about making it relevant and valuable for the customer.


In recent years, there has been a constant debate about the future of email marketing. While many individuals claim that email marketing is no more a useful tool, a vast majority believes that it is still the best digital marketing tool. Given the success and conversion rate of email marketing, we can safely assume that email marketing is here to stay, and global brands will continue to use this effective tool to boost their sales. Having armed with these simple tactics, you are all set to go, Good Luck!