TLC: We Love You, but Seriously?

TLC is one of the most popular networks on cable television, housing some of the most watched shows of this year and years past. But what is America really “learning” from The Learning Channel? We have absolutely no idea. The Exploitation Channel is probably a more accurate name, and if TLC would just own up to it, we’d be okay with that. We aren’t here to deny that TLC provides us with entertaining television and hours of ‘Oh my god I can’t believe this is real’ moments. But don’t try and pass off your content as ‘educational.’ We’re calling you out, TLC.

First of all, finding the weirdest, most untraditional, or just generally disturbing people in America and putting them on camera is not educating anyone. No one is watching ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ and thinking, ‘Wow, how interesting. I really learned something today.’ NO. It’s more like, ‘Um… what… these people exist? HOLY SHIT THAT FOOT.’ Then we feel a little bit dumber, but nonetheless entertained. Rarely does anyone feel smarter after watching anything on TLC.

Another fine example is ‘Little People Big World’. America learned a lot from this one. Two midgets can still produce full-sized children, and unfortunately for one, another midget. But that’s pretty much where the learning stopped. It’s not like before the series aired midgets were seen as mysterious human beings that didn’t live normal lives. We’re not debating that certain things would be more challenging for someone small, but really, TLC? It’s like the ‘Stars, they’re just like us’ section of a magazine. WHAT? Midgets eat people food and the mom drives a minivan? Surprise! They’re pretty fucking normal.

Obviously TLC has many more shows, and these are just two of the most successful. But everyone out there should beware. If TLC comes to your home and offers you a show, be insulted. And if it isn’t obvious as to why they chose you or your family, then you should take a really good look at your lifestyle because there might be something wrong with it.

So keep the shows coming TLC. We really do enjoy them. But stop calling yourself The Learning Channel. It’s just shameful. Other than that, we can’t wait to see who/what you find next. They just keep getting worse, and you just keep getting better.