TN Mom Sues School: “They Violated My Poor Girl By Telling Her There Are Other Religions Without My Permission”

Michelle Edmisten is angry. The Christian mother from Tennessee is upset that her daughter learned basic facts about the Islamic faith in her seventh grade social studies class. Unfortunately, it can be hard for some to step out of their comfort zones and learn about the lives and experiences of other communities, though also very American. So Edmisten is taking it up with the Sullivan County School. Edmisten is now on a mission to “right this wrong” after giving a speech on Monday alleging that the textbook that was provided to her daughter is promoting Islam, the Johnson City Press reports.

“No parent would ever want their child to be violated like that,” Edmisten told Fox News. “And what upsets me even more is the audacity to reveal such things as the existence of other religions to someone’s child without their parents’ explicit permission. Who do they think they are, Jesus? I’m upset with her teacher, with her school, and with our state legislators for allowing such a textbook to even be printed and used by schools. Educational institutions are supposed to be teaching kids about their own religion, not trying to seduce them into converting to other ones.”

Edmisten also argued that promoting Islam is “the last thing” someone needs to be doing today. “I honestly hope the person who came up with the brilliant idea to teach seven-graders about Islam burns in Hell for trying to corrupt our fine, Christian kids,” she said. “And as for the school, I don’t get how that sort of thing didn’t raise alarms with the teachers and school board? I mean, on one hand, we keep having terrorist attacks and Muslim people with guns shooting in the streets almost every day, and yet nobody sees a problem with teaching children about a religion that encourages people to murder others in cold blood. I’m as confused as I am furious.”

However, the angry mom went on to argue that the school’s “blatant disregard for the parents’ desires for their children’s education” was what threw her completely off the rails. “Nobody came up to me and asked me if I wanted my daughter to know there are other religions besides Christianity,” Edmisten added. “It never happened. And if they had, I’d have told them I wouldn’t want my daughter to know about any other religion until I saw it fit to tell her. Because, I’m her parent and nobody could care more for her than me, not her school, not her teachers, not her friends, no one. And as a parent, I have the right and the obligation to decide what’s best for her until she’s legally old enough to make her own decisions.”

“It’s like telling kids there’s no Santa – it just blows their mind and makes them sad. Well, this is almost just like that, only in reverse; instead of experiencing a lack of something they care about, she’ll now have to deal with the mistaken belief that there’s more than one God, our Lord Jesus Christ,” she fumed. “Who knows what this will do to her. There’s always a chance that at some point she’s going to become more interested in Islam and start exploring more about it and then travel to the Middle East and meet a Muslim terrorist and marry him and have his little terrorist babies and they’ll have names like Ahmed and Rameez and Abdul and, oh my God, I can’t take this,” she said and burst into tears. “They’ve scarred my poor girl for life, they’ve ruined her.”

After wiping off her tears and seemingly calming down, Edmisten threatened, “Mark my words, someone’s going to lose their job over this. And then they’re going to have to find another job but nobody will hire them, and they’ll have to work at a 7-11 and they’ll have a Muslim boss and then they’ll see firsthand what Islam is all about. And if their Muslim boss turns out to be a suicide bomber and blows them up as well as himself, I’m not even going to go to their funeral. Because, that’s what happens when you mess with someone’s baby.”