Tony Perkins: “If Hillary Wins, God Will Punish All Of Us By Turning Us To Liberal Infidels”

On his “Washington Watch” radio program recently, the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins spoke with a caller who said he was voting for Donald Trump for president in part because this election “could be my last opportunity for a peaceful resolution to fix our country again.” “I agree with your assessment,” Perkins said. “I think every election’s critical but I think this one is just super critical because of what’s been put in place and the momentum that’s been created by the liberal policies of the Obama administration.”

“And it’s that very momentum that could mean the ultimate downfall of this country, first in the eyes of God and then in the eyes of the rest of the world,” Perkins continued. “The Obama administration has already decimated our military, run our healthcare into the ground and now plans to continue on that path, the path of utter annihilation, with the latest bullet in the chamber, Hillary Clinton. And for all those who are hoping the big guy upstairs isn’t watching, I’ve got news for you – you couldn’t be more wrong.”

Perkins also went on to say that there are countless ways to punish the human race and, more precisely, the population of America “if we let Hillary Clinton become president.” “And there’s one thing in particular I would personally consider more painful and devastating than any form of physical torture or even mutilation that’s out there,” he said. “And that’s becoming the same liberal, non-believing pale shadow of a human being that Democrats typically are. I apologize for using harsh words, but I get so emotional about this topic.”

“Because, let’s be real – He watches over everything and He knows what’s going on 24/7,” Perkins continued. “The thing is, sometimes he decides to intervene and set things straight, and sometimes he lets them happen the way they were meant to happen, I suppose. And here’s the million-dollar question: will God approve of Hillary Clinton as President of the United States? I can’t speak for him – I don’t dare to – but I’m going to go with no. And I’m pretty sure every traditional, conservative American feels the same way.”

He also said, “And if that happens, if by some miracle that’s not of this world, that does happen, then we’re all in for a rough ride. I don’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Independent or whatever – you WILL suffer the consequences because no one escapes God’s wrath. And the consequences will be that He will turn every single one of us into disgusting, liberal infidels and non-believers. And I know it sounds confusing, that’s just one of his options.”

“And what could be worse for a God-fearing, Republican-voting traditional American than being turned into a gun-hating, NRA-belittling, same-sex-marriage-loving, LGBTQ-supporting disgusting liberal? Very few things in this life, apparently. And God knows that. And that’s the punishment he’s going to go with because somebody (meaning, Republicans) didn’t do their jobs right and didn’t stop Hillary Clinton from becoming president. And then, all that’s left to say will be ‘May the Force be with us,’ because I won’t use ‘God help us;’ we won’t be able to reference Him anymore,” Perkins concluded.