Top GOPers After Hillary’s Emails: “Did She Write A Private Letter To Iranian Leaders Or Not?”

“Washington, D.C. – Jason Chaffetz, the House Oversight Committee Chairman, will likely send the State Department a letter requesting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails, and could subpoena them if necessary. Chaffetz spokeswoman Melissa Subbotin told CNN: “Subpoenaing Hillary Clinton is not the chairman’s initial preference but the committee retains the authority to do so if necessary.”

“The letter will also ask questions about Clinton’s use of personal email, she said. She added that the committee also intends to request the emails in an electronic format, rather than paper copies. The news comes a day after Clinton defended doing government business on a personal email account, saying it was more convenient.

“Clinton, who did not use a State Department email account, said she has turned over 55,000 pages of work-related email to the State Department for review. But she said she will not turn over the server that housed her personal email.

“Trey Gowdy, chairman of the House committee investigating the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, said Wednesday he wants an independent review of the server. Committee spokesman Jamal Ware said: “Chairman Gowdy believes it is in the best interest of transparency, not just for the Benghazi committee, but for all of government, the media and others who have a legitimate interest in Secretary Clinton’s official record, that she voluntarily submit the server to an independent neutral third-party arbiter to determine what is truly private and what should be a public record.”

Speaking exclusively to Newslo, Gowdy said: “We need to make sure that Mrs. Clinton hasn’t jeopardized US national security. She is entitled to her own, private email account and server, but a boundary must be set between the work she does privately and her public job.”
He added: “Also, there is a need to determine whether Clinton also wrote a personal letter to the Iranian leaders, in retaliation of the similar act performed by top Republican senators. After all, it wouldn’t be her first time consorting with the enemy.”

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