Tornado Damage to Homes: This Is What Can Happen

We often don’t like to think of the worst-case scenario. However natural disasters and adverse weather conditions such as tornados can, unfortunately, impact our lives and homes.

If you have lived through a tornado, then you may be thankful that you or your family weren’t seriously hurt. But what about your home?

This might be a different story entirely. It is important to understand what exactly a tornado can do to your home and what exactly you can do about tornado damage.

Prepare yourself mentally for what impact a tornado can have on your property and the steps that you need to take if the worst were to happen.

Read on to find out more about what damage a tornado can cause

What You Can Do To Prepare

Approximately 1200 tornados occur in the USA every year. Some states such as Kansas or Nebraska are more prone to tornados than others, but you need to prepare for the possibility than it can happen almost anywhere in the USA.

A tornado is a horizontal rotating column of air that is formed when there are two different speeds of wind at different altitudes.

When a tornado watch is in your area it means that a tornado wind funnel is somewhere in the nearest region of 250 miles. Keep an eye on local weather reports and guidance in your area.

Pay particular importance to the EF or the Enhanced Fujita scale. This categorizes the range of severity from 0-5. Zero corresponds to minor and five equates to catastrophic.

If your area is likely to be affected then you need to designate a safe room, such as a basement or secure room with no windows.

Move any essential items to your safe room. Remove any outdoor items that could cause damage if picked up by the tornados. Then reinforce your house with materials it may need in terms of structural support.

If you here roaring noises, see debris, or a funnel cloud, you will need to move you and your family to your safe room immediately.

Broken Windows and Patio Doors

The variation in pressure between the inside and outside of your home in a tornado can result in your windows shattering and breaking.

Due to the pressure on the glass, the windows cannot cope and will shatter under the weight. This may happen even if the tornado is miles away from your actual home.

Another reason for shattered windows or doors might be debris related. Objects are often picked up by the intense wind speeds and thrown at them.

The debris doesn’t have to be large for it to happen, things such as small rocks or stones might be enough to cause damage if they are picked up with enough wind speed.

This may also happen to larger glass structures of your house such as greenhouses or conservatories.

Roof Damage

Roof damage is one of the most common examples of tornado damage and one of the most expensive to repair.

If you feel like your insurance agent has failed to offer you appropriate restoration expenses when recommending your policy then it’s important to contact an insurance attorney.

They can help with challenging and overturning verdicts and insurance settlements and help get what you are rightly owed.

Roof damage can occur with debris falling on the roof and damaging it, but there have been cases of the roofs of houses being cleanly ripped off in a tornado.

This is due to a low pressure building up from the inside of the house. People might think it is best to try and open windows and doors to minimize the pressure in your home. However, due to falling debris and wind speeds, it is much safer to keep them closed.

Damaged Siding

Siding can really bear the brunt of a tornado. Surface damage such as chipped paint can occur and vinyl siding can crack or pucker under the pressure.

Brickwork can be chipped or even broken due to objects thrown at it. In more extreme cases, large objects such as trees and telephone poles could cause significant damage to the walls and structural support.

It’s important to leave any major damage to experts. Have a pro come and take a look at before you attempt to move anything or clear it away. More surface-level damage such as small branches can be cleared away by yourself if the risk for injury is low.

Garage Doors

Garage doors can be affected by tornado damage as it is one of the weaker points in your house in terms of overall surface area and construction. If you have an electric garage door this might also be expensive to replace and repair.

Falling debris can cause significant damage to your garage door and high winds could even rip it off its track and hinges entirely.

Due to its weaker structural integrity, reinforcing your garage door before a tornado warning should be one of your top priorities.

Tornado Damage: Where Can I Find Out More?

We hope that this article on the potential danger points of tornado damage and your home was informative and helpful.

Don’t delay in preparing your house for any significant damage that can be caused by things such as falling debris, high wind speeds, and pressure.

Make sure that you get the right representation for you if you do experience an insurance payout that isn’t a fair depiction of what you are owed.

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