Travelocity Offers Congress a “Fiscal Cliff Discount”

SOUTHLAKE, Texas — Taking advantage of the country’s dire financial situation along with politicians abundance of vacation time, online travel company Travelocity is offering Congress a groundbreaking promotional offer.

Members of Congress have come under fire recently for going on vacation when the country is on the verge of a fiscal cliff.  “Travelocity is offering members of Congress a fiscal cliff discount that can be used during the fiscal cliff negotiations,” explained company spokesman Joel Frey. “If a member of Congress wants to avoid the stress of doing their job, we will pay for their airfare to anywhere in the world.”

Now that our country’s politicians are off of work once again for their winter break, Travelocity sees an opportunity to capitalize. Despite taxpayers’ frustration with the timing of Congress’s latest vacation, Travelocity believes this deal helps everyone.

“We realized that Congress members spend excessively and typically beyond their means,” said Frey. “These fine men and women love to travel to exotic and expensive locations for months out of the year. Since taxpayers pay their salaries, this deal is kind of for everyone if you think about it.”

Despite this offer just being announced today, according to Frey, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi has already taken advantage of the promotion. Pelosi will be taking a last minute free flight to Bermuda for the next three weeks to even out her tan lines.