Trump Accuses Obama of Walking Like a Black Man

NEW YORK – Real estate tycoon, reality TV star, and former Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump took to social media this week to attack President Obama for the way that he walks.Trump claimed Obama was demeaning the office of the Presidency by refusing to walk like a normal, white man.

“The way President Obama runs down the stairs of Air Force 1, hopping & bobbing all the way, is so inelegant and un-presidential,” tweeted Trump. “Do not fall!”

He quickly followed the controversial tweet with one that read, “Seriously, it’s bad enough that he’s black, he doesn’t have to flaunt it in our face!”

This is not the first time Trump has criticized Obama’s less-than-presidential ways. In March, Trump lambasted the President for not wearing a tie during an interview with Bill O’Reilly, saying on Fox and Friends, “He’s the president. It’s a formal position. I think he should wear a tie.”

Asked by a reporter how, exactly, Obama should come down the stairs of Air Force One, Trump was ready with specifics. “First off, he needs to pause a moment as he exits the plane and squint his eyes,” explained Trump. “He needs to take the time to survey the situation before descending to the tarmac. Then he ought to walk down in a stately manor, rather than jumping and dancing from step to step as if he was auditioning for Soul Train.

“I mean the guy is half-white,” he continued. “So why is his walk all-black? That’s just disrespectful.”

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