Trump Aims To ”Raise Taxes For Wealthy Mexicans”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Monday backtracked on his remarks about raising taxes on wealthy Americans, saying the rich might simply get a smaller tax cut than he originally proposed. On Sunday, Trump had said taxes on the wealthy would “go up a little bit” once his broad tax policy proposals, which include tax cuts for rich Americans, were negotiated with Congress. But on Monday, the billionaire businessman argued that he had been referring to potential adjustments to his own tax policy proposal.

“Listen, we can go on and on about this for days if you want to, I’ve got no problem with that whatsoever,” the media mogul said. “But the fact to the matter is, the longer we debate this issue, the less time we’ll have to actually get on with it and get some work done. Because, let me tell you, I have been out there. I have seen what is being done, and I know firsthand. And we have hundreds of thousands of people who are getting away with not paying taxes every day, and we’re not doing anything about it. Well, no more.”

He continued, “And like I said, we can stand here and debate whether or not something needs to be done, but here’s what I propose, okay, you stay here and debate all you want. I’m going to go out there and win this election and then I’m going to declare war on those who want to get out of paying their dues. Because let me tell you, it’s not white Americans that are the problem. It’s not even African-Americans. In fact, everybody is doing pretty decent when it comes to taxes. I’ll tell you what the biggest problem is in this country, it’s the Mexicans. And I don’t mean Mexican Americans, I’m talking about drug-dealing illegal immigrants.”

“They’re the ones who’ve been tearing us a new one all along. And the way they’re doing it is, they’re smuggling drugs into the country. They’re poisoning our people and they’re getting rich doing it. Not only are they getting rich, they’re literally making a killing. I mean, I’m talking, if I weren’t into real estate, I’d try to get me some of that action, ‘cause that’s some pretty fly sh*t. But anyway, they’re officially the richest people in the country, did you know that? I have the official statistic here somewhere, let me just try to…you know what, never mind, I’ll show it to you later. So, basically, when we raise taxes exclusively for wealthy drug-dealing-illegal-immigrant Mexicans, our budget is going to sky rocket, I’m telling you,” the real estate magnate said.

Trump also added, “And don’t you dare feel sorry for them, either. Those people are eating caviar three times a day, they’re driving exotic cars and own properties around the globe. And before you interrupt me – NO, that’s nothing like me. I made my fortune legally. To an extent. But anyway, they’re here illegally, most of them are rapists, they need to be hit and they need to be hit hard and I’m going to do it. I don’t care what anyone says, that’s the true quality of a president.”

“Hell, Obama could have done the same thing a thousand times over by now, but nope. He’s too busy sampling the product, if you know what I mean. Come on people, nobody can get that much gray hair in just 8 years in the White House. And have you noticed that weird way he talks? Those pauses and everything? That’s his brain re-establishing connection to his mouth. It takes a while for the system to reboot, get it? Drugs will do that to you, I’m told. But that’s fine, it’ll be my turn soon, and I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t touch the stuff. So, I can’t be bought because, well, I’ve got more money than they could ever offer to bribe me. So, yeah. Mexicans better watch out come November,” the former reality TV star warned.

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