Trump-Aligned Pastor: “Native Americans’ Voting Rights Will Provoke The Wrath Of God”

Carl Gallups, a far-right pastor who has been embraced by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, spoke with Charlottesville, Virginia, radio host Rob Schilling recently about the growing number of Native Americans embroiled in court battles over changes to voting laws that could influence the outcome of some tight races in the November 2016 presidential and congressional elections.

“God has had a home on these lands ever since He created the Earth,” Gallups told Schilling. “And this might sound harsh, but Native Americans, and I have much respect for them, but they were just, sort of, renting the place out. It was clear from the start who God intended this rich and vast land for, and that’s white Christian Americans. He made that decision long ago, and just in case anyone was wondering, it’s never a good idea to mess with that sort of stuff. I mean, the Native Americans did, and look where it got them.”

The pastor argued that “that is why Native Americans should not be allowed to vote. I completely agree with the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down parts of the Voting Rights Act back in 2013. And I applaud the Supreme Court for that, even though they’ve had many other rulings after that one which are catastrophic at worst and questionable at best. And by that I’m referring to the same-sex marriage decision of 2015. So, all in all, they’ve made some good calls as well. It takes some serious brass to deny voting privileges to a section of the population.”

“To be quite honest, if we were to allow Native Americans to vote again, we’d be messing with the hornets’ nest. Because when God decides on something, it stays that way for good. The civil rights movement was wrong to change that in the first place in the 1960’s. And let me just add that we’re on thin ice as it is when it comes to our faith in the Lord. The last thing we need is to provoke His wrath by sawing the already thin branch we’re sitting on. He intended this country for white Christians, and now we’ve made it so. Nobody else can have a say in who we choose to be president. And that’s the way it’s supposed to be,” Gallups concluded.

“Besides,” he threw in at the last minute, “for a people that claims to want to have nothing with the white man, they sure seem eager to be a part of our culture. I guess they need to cut down on that fire water quite a bit.”