Trump: “I Always Said The FBI Was Corrupt”

An FBI investigation into newly discovered emails potentially pertaining to Hillary Clinton’s private email server will not result in any new charges, the bureau announced on Sunday. In a letter to Congress, FBI Director James Comey said that he was not going to revisit his prior conclusion that Clinton acted legally – albeit carelessly – in using a private account while she was secretary of state.

“Figures,” was the one-word comment made by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump when told about Comey’s letter to Congress during a Sunday interview with Politics Now. “I’m not surprised one bit at that, I knew nothing was going to happen, everybody else knew nothing was going to happen and it just goes to show how corrupt and discredited one of the top intelligence agencies in the country really is.”

He added, “What did you expect, did anyone really think they were going to arrest Crooked Hillary? That they would arrest their own boss? It was never going to happen, she’s got half of them in her pocket, and Obama’s got the other half, which he’s going to hand over to her as soon as he steps down. It’ll be like we’re back in 1962 when J. Edgar Hoover ran the entire country. Only this time that’s actually going to be the case.”

The Republican presidential candidate also argued that he “always said that the FBI was corrupt” and that “it makes perfect sense that they’re just as crooked as crooked Hillary.” “It’s pitiful, I have no other way to describe the situation. It’s like everything that was ever any good in this country is becoming so horrible and dishonest that it makes me wonder how long we’re going to last until we realize it’s time for a revolution,” Trump said.

Asked whether he believes the situation would have had a different outcome had he been the object of scrutiny in the email affair, his reply was unequivocal: “Come on, are you being serious right now? You know as well as I do that I’d be arrested, charged, convicted, sentenced and sent to a minimum security prison, in the general population ward to be shivved so I’d stop being a nuisance to Crooked Hillary. And her crooked friends in the FBI would organize the entire undertaking. That’s what would happen and you know it.”

Trump added that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is “just a start.” “God only knows how many other people in intelligence agencies answer to her. Just think about it logically – if it had been anyone else suspected of using a private email account, or causing the Benghazi incident and the death of a U.S. ambassador, or even accepting bribe money from Saudi Arabians and ISIS, they’d be locked up in Gitmo by now. Instead, she’s not only free but she’s running for the presidency. If that’s not a clear sign of how many friends she’s got tucked away in high places, I don’t know what is,” he concluded.