Trump: “The American Dream Is To Get Rich, Not Die In Iraq”

In his first interview since Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton gave her acceptance speech on Thursday night, Republican nominee Donald Trump took exception to remarks made by Khizr Khan, the father of a fallen Muslim captain in the U.S. Army. On ABC News, Trump told host George Stephanopoulos that Khan was wrong to say that he has “sacrificed nothing” for his country, then went on to insinuate the Khan’s wife is forbidden to speak because of the family’s Muslim faith. “I saw him, I saw him,” Trump said Saturday. “He was, you know, very emotional.”

“But despite all that, being emotional doesn’t necessarily make you right,” the controversial billionaire added. “Because, when passions are high, a lot of things are said that aren’t necessarily true and the people you target by saying them might forgive you or they might hold a grudge, on the other hand. Now, fortunately for Mr. Khan, I’m civilized enough to belong in the former category. I understand he’s upset and I understand he’s worried. Still, that’s no reason to insult people who are fighting to make this country great again, that’s no easy task,” Trump also said.

The media mogul then argued that making America great again, which has been his much disputed campaign slogan, is done “very differently” than what the Khan family obviously attempted to do. “You know, I hear the words ‘the American dream’ quite often, especially with immigrants. And the thing about it is – it’s really not what many people think it is. A lot of words and explanations get thrown around and the meaning becomes confusing. Now, I get the Khans. They emigrated here and their son was in the Army. Nothing wrong with that. But I can tell you, that’s not how you realize your American dream,” Trump told Stephanopoulos.

Asked to elaborate, the real estate magnate said that “this country was based on the promise of the New World.” “And you know, the New World was nothing else than riches and treasures that were transported here from the Old World, which was Europe,” Trump argued. “And I know this all sounds probably a lot like a history lesson, but apparently it’s necessary. Anyway, in order to make this country great again, one needs to follow the true meaning of the American dream and get rich or die trying. And simply put, you don’t do that by going off into the very desert from which your parents came and getting killed there by your fellow countrymen. With all due respect to the late Capt. Khan, that’s just stupid.”

“And I’m terribly sorry no one was around to let them know how to do that, because that was our job,” he added. “So, part of the blame lies on us. And I can understand how sending their son off into the Army was meant to get them points for playing the patriotism card, but fortunately, Americans aren’t stupid, they saw right through it. And now they’re left without a son and without the dream they’ve worked so hard to achieve. I have also made sacrifices, but I managed to get my dream to become a reality. So, who do you think was right – them or me, George? I never served in the Army and I’m a billionaire. They lost a son in the country they came from and they’re broke. I’m just saying,” Trump concluded in his usual, offensive style.

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