Trump Announces U.S.-Russia Cyber Security Unit: “Together We’ll Control The World Like In The Good, Old Cold War Days And Make America Great Again”

Fox & Friends hosts on Sunday praised President Donald Trump as “genius” for a series of tweets that depicted his version of what was said during a recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the Sunday morning tweet storm, Trump attacked the Democratic National Committee, slammed the media and revealed plans to set up a “cyber security unit” with Putin. The Fox News host argued that Trump had to go after the media for incorrectly reporting that 17 intelligence agencies agreed that Russia meddled in the U.S. election. The New York Times has criticized Trump for this claim, noting that it was “misleading and suggests widespread dissent among American intelligence agencies when none has emerged.”

“It was about time the world saw what can be achieved when two of the greatest world powers join forces in order to shut up those who would have them destroy each other,” President Trump said in an interview with portal “We’ve been feuding and arguing for too long. Both the United States of America and the Russian Federation have a long history of power, and it would be foolish of both President Putin and myself to continue ignoring the vast potential that lies ahead if we just manage to put our differences aside and work together for a change. That has been something that was considered impossible for more than 70 years. The possibility of working closely with the Russians has been ignored by a number of my predecessors, including Barack Obama. But, I didn’t get to where I am today by following other peoples’ lead.”

President Trump also argued that America and Russia “alone have the power to end many of the world’s problems.” “I’m talking terrorism, this whole ISIS business, world hunger, the fossil fuel thing, wars, anything that comes to mind, our two countries have the power and resources to end it,” he said. “And that’s why I’ve talked very extensively and thoroughly with President Putin about setting up a cyber security unit that will have the job of protecting the world from hackers and any countries that would like to see the two of us go back to our old ways. He has agreed and I think this is a monumentally important historical precedent. For the first time in several decades, we will be able to again control the world like in the good, old days of the Cold War, when no other country posed a serious threat to us.”

“Basically, the way to move forward is, in this case, to go back to the way things were. Because, it’s just like with political parties – too many of them break up the cake into too many very small pieces. It’s good to have just one – in Russia’s case, communism – or very few – in our case, three – parties that divide the power equally between them. Similarly, when you have just two countries in the world that control everything, peace and prosperity are guaranteed. And that is the way to make America great again; to take back the power that was hoarded like bread crumbs by a number of smaller, insignificant countries in recent years. Everybody thinks they can have nukes today. Well, sorry to say it, but us and the Russians practically invented nukes, and we still have the biggest ones around. Now is not the time to be messing with either of us,” he concluded.