Trump: “Distributors Of Mexicanism Are Trying To Destroy America By Suing Trump College”

San Diego, CA – As hundreds of protesters outside his rally in San Diego on Friday afternoon chanted obscenities, waved Mexican flags and clashed with police, Donald Trump reveled on stage in the drama his candidacy has created. The Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee gave a fiery speech in San Diego and sought to leverage the power of his pulpit to shame one of the city’s federal judges, Gonzalo Curiel, who is hearing a class-action lawsuit against Trump University.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – they can’t touch me,” the real estate mogul smiled throughout his speech. “If they think that a poor, little lawsuit can make me jump in my seat and start worrying, they’ve got another thing coming. Because, let me tell you – I’ve had my fair share of lawsuits over the years and I’ve laughed in the face of each and every one of them. In fact, I’ve been through so many court dates and hearings that I could write a book about it. Wait a minute, that’s not a bad idea. ‘The Trump Court Chronicles’ could be the name. Be on the lookout for that, folks.”

The billionaire businessman added, “I’ll tell you what judge Curiel is thinking, apart from the fact that he’s a Trump hater. He’s also a distributor of Mexicanism who wants to allow Mexicans to overrun San Diego, and then California. He thinks that if he allows his fellow illegal immigrants to attack a pristine educational institution such as Trump University, that that will lead to people thinking the place is no good for their kids, which will ultimately lead to the university shutting down. And mind you, he’s already a federal judge. So, he’s pretty high up in the chain of power. Which means that he only wants other Mexicans to follow in his footsteps, and that means no white Americans whatsoever.”

“He and other Mexicanism distributors get their kicks by suing educational institutions like Trump University, because they don’t want to allow their kids to be assimilated into American culture. They want their kids to keep their Mexican identity, which, as you all know, is only good for lying and manual labor. Essentially, they’re trying to destroy America by striking at the very core of our culture, which is based on assimilating immigrants into another way of life, a better way of life. And when you take that away, what’s left? Nothing, no country at all. And they’re half way there already,” Trump blasted away.

“But, don’t take my word for it – instead, take a look at what’s going on outside this building right now,” he added. “They’re screaming and fighting to get in here because they know I’m onto them, I’ve figured out what their plan is. And that’s why I won’t let anything stop me from becoming President of the United States. I mean, the one we’ve got now sucks pretty bad, right?” he added, causing heaps of whistles and laughs, complete with an applause.

“He’s off in Japan, in Hiroshima right now apologizing for the fact that we nuked the hell out of those Hitler collaborators back in 1945. Do you really think that’s something we should apologize for? It’s like stopping a woman from being raped and then apologizing to the rapist for doing it. At the rate he’s going, Obama’s going to be back here in a couple of days, apologizing to the Mexicans for this speech. Who’s next on his list, Putin?” Trump fired away causing increasingly louder screams of approval from the audience.

“But I’m not apologizing to anyone for doing what I do. I wouldn’t be a billionaire if I was a nice guy. So, tough love is necessary, now more than ever. And I know there are honest, hard-working, God-fearing and America-loving Mexicans in the crowd here as well. I’m sorry you have to put up with this guys, I hate to see things this way. But, you must have come to this country legally, or else you’d probably be outside with the rest of them,” the reality TV star concluded.

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