Trump: “The Fact That I Can Force The Brits Into Giving Me A Carriage Ride With The Queen Is Proof Of America Made Great Again”

President Trump is already creating a stir over security issues for his planned visit to meet the Queen of England by insisting that he ride in her golden carriage. Times of London reports Trump’s administration has told Buckingham Palace that the president is very keen on being part of a horse and carriage procession up the Mall when he comes to visit in October. British security services are seeing this as a “monster” problem in terms of trying to keep the U.S. president safe. The London Metropolitan Police have already started making the necessary plans as they expect tens of thousands of protesters to attend the procession.

In a recent interview with Internet portal, President Trump commented on his request to explore the inside of the Queen’s carriage and argued that he “deserves” to be shown such an honor, as his roots “are British in a sense.” “Look, it won’t cost them anything to give me a ride in the carriage instead of me coming down the street in my own armored limousine,” he said. “I have Scottish roots and Scotland is a very significant part of the U.K., believe me, it’s so significant it’s fantastic. And besides, the Brits are always on about environmental issues and all that – going by horse and carriage is bound to decrease the CO2 emissions from the motorcade, right? It’s a win-win.”

The president also continued by saying that his ride in the royal carriage “means more than the obvious,” as well as that “it’s a symbol of my promise that I’ll make America great again.” “Everybody knows that assassins are going to have a field day with me being in a carriage rather than an armored car, that’s no secret,” he argued. “At the same time, the Secret Service and the British SAS or whatever the name of their agency is, they’ll be faced with a logistical nightmare, I’m also aware of that. However, that aside, it would be so huge and important for me to get that ride, it’s like the most important thing right now. It’s just something that needs to go down, I guess that’s the best way to describe it.”

“Because, I started my presidential campaign with the words ‘Make America Great Again.’ And despite winning the election and doing a whole array of truly terrific and fantastic things for this country in the few brief months I’ve been president, there are still those who doubt I’m the man for the job and I’m one to keep my promise. The very fact that I’m able to force the Brits into giving me a ride in the Queen’s personal carriage would be such awesome proof of America made great again, I can’t even begin to describe it,” the president said. “It would be equivalent to me waltzing off into North Korea and forcing Kim Jong Un to kiss both my butt cheeks – with tongue. It would really strike a devastating blow to all the Trump nay-sayers across the country, I’m telling you.”

“Ultimately, I guess, it’s not that I need it personally; I’ve certainly seen my fair share of golden carriages and luxury. It’s America and Americans who need to see it happen, because they’ll finally realize I wasn’t lying when I said I’d restore America’s reputation in the world. Some call it the reputation of a bully; I pay no mind to that. I call it the reputation of a winner,” he concluded.