Trump: “God Created Fox News To Lead And Support My Presidency”

President Donald Trump reportedly records cable news throughout the day so he can catch up on how he is being covered before going to bed each night. Speaking on Slate’s Trump podcast on Monday, New York Magazine reporter Gabriel Sherman revealed that the president’s narcissistic personality manifests as an obsession with cable news. “People in Trump world say basically a lot of Fox,” Sherman explained. “But the other thing he does, from a source close to the White House told me that he does DVR basically all of the cable news.” Sherman noted that Fox News was Trump’s “primary source of live information,” adding that the president also consumes “a heavy digest of Breitbart.”

The president must have been watching the podcast live, apparently, because it didn’t take him long to get in touch with representatives of the media and argue that it is “his duty as the president” to be mindful of what’s being said about him. “You’ve got tons of examples throughout history of U.S. presidents who’ve done the same, and some were very smart to do that. Take Barack Obama, for example, he…well, wasn’t, unfortunately,” Trump opined. “Sure enough, he got all the so-called ‘liberal’ media in his pocket and then made damn sure to try to belittle yours truly, but didn’t do squat when it came to how he was covered and what was being said about him. I don’t plan on making the same mistake.”

He continued, “I’ve been burned once before and I’m not going to let my guard down again. As a matter of fact, it’s all a matter of perspective. This is a free country, the freest in the world, and we used to have complete freedom of press back in the day. Today it’s all different and you’ve all seen how much damage I sustained during my presidential campaign, after being constantly attacked by Obama and Crooked Hillary’s media powerhouses. That being said, I have to be fair and point out that not all the media were against me, which is to say, in the wrong. There were and still are a few shining examples of true journalism left in this country, two of which happen to be Breitbart and, of course, Fox News.”

“While we’re on the subject, let me tell you, I’m not a particularly religious person – I’m as much of a believer as the next guy – and everybody knows that, it’s no secret. But I have to say, when I look at everything I went through in the past year, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Fox News was pretty much the only institution that stood up for me in a completely objective and unbiased way. And I should know – I’ve kept track of these things. All that makes me confident that God was the one who created Fox News to help and support my presidency from the outset and throughout. If you ask me, there’s really no other way to look at it, since there’s no way in hell they’re making me look this good because they’re on my payroll. I would never own such an agency, firstly because it’s bad business, and secondly – if I did, you know it’d be full of smoking hot Eastern European models as anchors. So, that’s pretty much self explanatory,” the president concluded.