Trump: “Hillary Shouldn’t Point Out She’s A Woman, At Least Not Until She Proves It”

During a Sunday morning interview on Fox News, GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of “playing the woman card” in her campaign for the Democratic nomination. Trump’s comment comes in the midst of a long string of attacks he’s made against the former Secretary of State. Speaking with the Des Moines Register, Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate frontrunner, said she would not personally respond to Trump’s recent remarks.

“You know, how do we even know for sure that she’s a woman? I mean, all we have to go on is her word, and as we’ve seen in her email scandal, that’s not a whole lot,” the billionaire-turned-politician said. “I’m not even sure she knows what she is. And because she got into politics through, or rather, under her husband, what kind of integrity do we expect to see from her in the first place?”

Trump went on to say that “even poor, old Bill got stuck with her in college, and not even he’s sure that she’s woman enough, and he’s been around her for decades.” “But, that might explain why Bill chased skirts elsewhere, because he wasn’t getting what he needed at home, not because he didn’t want to, but because he was unable to.” Trump also said that he believes the former Secretary of State should “show everybody that she’s a woman before continuing with her charade any further.”

The real estate magnate also opined that “the bottom line is that Hillary ought to stay away from politics, especially because she’s a woman, and the only place a woman truly belongs is in the kitchen.” “I’m standing here, looking at everything she believes she stands for, and all I’m seeing is that she’s twisting the traditional American family into something unrecognizable. A woman who may very well not be a woman at all, trying to become the president of a country that celebrates women not as politicians, but as wives and mothers? Gimme a break. But, should she ever come to her senses, I’d be more than happy to give her a job. I’m confident she’d do well on her knees as my personal secretary.”