Trump: “I Can Be The American Putin”

Donald Trump says he and Russian President Vladimir Putin are “very different” – but the two share at least a couple of bonds. Namely, they both dislike President Barack Obama. And they both drew a huge audience to a single episode of “60 minutes.” The two drew 20 million viewers to a September episode of CBS’ staple Sunday night show. And Trump had that in mind when he asked about Putin on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday. “I think the biggest thing we have is that we were on ’60 Minutes’ together and we had fantastic ratings. One of your best-rated shows in a long time,” he joked. “So that was good, right? So we were stable mates.”

Otherwise, he said of Putin, “I think we are very different” – even though they’d get along. “I think that I would at the same time get along very well with him. He does not like Obama at all. He doesn’t respect Obama at all. And I’m sure that Obama doesn’t like him very much,” Trump said. “But I think that I would probably get along with him very well. And I don’t think you’d be having the kind of problems that’s you’re having right now.”

The media mogul then stated that “judging by our similarities in terms of character, one could even say that I could be the American Putin. I mean, I’m not bragging or anything, I’m just being realistic. Ask anyone for their opinion and they’ll tell you that there are a lot of things the two of us are doing the same way.”

“I mean, neither one of us takes any crap from anyone,” the billionaire real estate magnate added. “And that’s exactly what I think the President of the United States should be like. The only reason America is in the situation it’s in today is because of political correctness and Obama’s urge to cater to every Third World country he can think of. In reality, all we need is someone like Putin who will put his foot down, straighten things up and make sure we have no more loose ends to worry about. And I’m volunteering to do just that.”

“Besides,” he said, “It’s not like any of the other candidates are going to do a better job than me. Come on, be serious, who are you going to trust to negotiate when it comes to Syrian refugees, Iran and ISIS? Carson? Jindal? Rand Paul? Get real. I love them, but those three couldn’t negotiate more frequent sex with their wives, let alone solve a global political crisis. America needs a Putin of its own and you know that’s me.”