Trump: “If Obama Had Been Sucker-Punched Years Ago As Well, America Would Today Be Great Again”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Sunday said that he was considering paying the legal fees for a supporter who was charged with assault for sucker-punching a black protester at a rally in North Carolina last week. John McGraw, 78, was charged with disorderly conduct, after he was caught on video punching a man in the back of the head at a Trump event in Fayetteville. On Sunday, NBC’s Chuck Todd asked the candidate if he would cover McGraw’s legal fees. “Well, I’m not aware – I will say this, I do want to see what that young man [who was sucker-punched] was doing,” Trump replied. “Because he was very taunting, he was very loud, very disruptive. And from what I understand, a certain finger was up in the air.”

“But, I’ll tell you, the reason why I’m even considering taking care of the accused man’s legal fees is the fact that I honestly see a little bit of myself in that man’s actions. I mean, when I take a look at what he did, I can sort of relate, because he saw a member of the youth, the same youth he went to war to protect, disrespecting me, and I’m that man’s peer. So, I can completely understand the injustice he must have felt at that moment, and therefore, he saw no better way to react and right the wrong, so he decided to use his fists. I mean, here you’ve got a man who probably spent most of his life defending and serving this country, and now the same kids whom he protected are grown up and are destroying its future. To be completely honest, that pains even me, let alone him,” the media mogul added.

The billionaire businessman also added, “And to tell you the truth, I’m very shook up over what happened. I’ve been thinking about it ever since, and I found myself coming to a peculiar conclusion: If somebody, and I’m not saying names here, but if somebody had sucker-punched Barack Obama years ago, America might not be where it is today. Seriously, if somebody applied the same method back then, this whole country would have been in a much different place. We’d still be the greatest military force on the planet, China wouldn’t have stolen millions of jobs from us, we wouldn’t be the laughing stock of many countries in the world, and we sure as hell wouldn’t have a problem with illegal immigrants. And those are just the clip notes. And you know why? Because we’d have a much different president.”

“I mean, that man has single-handedly made this great country bend over to be humped by whomever so pleases, and that’s not right,” Trump also said. “So, somebody should have used a sledgehammer, not their fists, to sucker-punch Obama right back to Africa or Hawaii or wherever the hell he came from. Then we wouldn’t have had same-sex marriages, the persecution of Christians, and a whole other range of catastrophic events that are plaguing Americans today. And you want to talk liberties? American citizens used to be able to go to any country in the world and be welcomed. And today? Today we’re one of the most hated nations worldwide, and it’s all because of one man. So, how do I feel about sucker-punching black people, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you: it’s generally a bad thing, except when it’s good. And in the case of Barack Obama, it’s most certainly good.”

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