Trump Jr. Asks Iceland Politicians To Fund His Father’s Campaign “To Make Iceland Part Of Great USA Again”

Politicians from foreign countries are receiving fundraising emails from Donald Trump’s campaign even though such contributions would be a violation of federal law. Members of parliament in Australia, Iceland, Denmark and Finland have all received the emails, according to Talking Points Memo. “This whole matter is very perplexing. The letter left me speechless,” said Katrin Jakobsdóttir, the head of Iceland’s Left Green Party, according to The Iceland Monitor.

Donald Trump’s son, Donald Junior, told Fox News that there is nothing odd or out of place in the fact that “soon-to-be the greatest president of the United States” is asking for support “from former United States colonies.” “There is absolutely no shame in that whatsoever. In fact, the Trump campaign takes great pride in being the first one to think of such a move, especially since it goes perfectly with my father’s position that political correctness is long gone in U.S. politics,” he added.

The billionaire businessman’s eldest son from his marriage with Ivana Trump also spoke about how “my father wouldn’t be a billionaire today if he was shy or scared of asking uncomfortable questions.” “This is a land of opportunities, and that’s something my mother knows best. My father wouldn’t be what he is if he was afraid of doing things no one else had the guts of doing. That’s the same reason why he is going to become the first man in history who funded his own campaign and managed to become commander-in-chief of the greatest country in the world.”

Asked why he claims that Donald Trump is funding his own campaign when he is clearly attempting to obtain money from foreign sources, Donald Junior replied, “That’s because he doesn’t know this is happening. I was the one who sent the emails to foreign politicians and colonies in the hopes of rallying more people around our political cause. My father has no knowledge of this. In fact, the first time he’s going to hear about this is probably when he sees this interview.”

“But, why Iceland?” the reporter inquired. That’s when Junior really shined: “Well, I was thinking about how I could help the campaign, and since everybody else is already doing such a good job, there was very little room to think outside the box. I remembered from school that we used to talk about America being covered in ice thousands of years ago. I Googled ‘ice land’ for fun and this little island northeast of the U.S. popped up. Although I wasn’t aware that Iceland had become a country in the meantime, I was glad to see they were connected to us. So I figured, what the heck, I might as well give it a try. I hear things are going pretty good over there.”

“I figured I’d ask them to help us out with some donations, and in return, when my dad makes President, he’d build a highway all the way up to there or something, you know, to help them travel easier. That way, they’d be connected to their motherland and we’d have more money for the campaign. Because, let’s face it, elections are expensive. I mean, we are billionaires and everything, but my dad taught me well: he told me never to put all my eggs in one basket. So I sent a couple of emails, instead of just one. Pretty smart, huh?” Trump Junior concluded.

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