Trump Jr.: “Only People Who Have Killed Baby Elephants Have An Open Enough Mind To Have An Opinion About Comey’s Hypocrisy”

Donald Trump’s eldest son sent out fiery tweets defending his father and attacking former FBI Director James Comey on Thursday – but former Bush White House Communications Director Nicole Wallace thought Trump Jr.’s tweets were simply laughable. While noting that the Trump White House had a dearth of quality, respected surrogates out defending the president’s actions in the wake of Comey’s testimony, Wallace said that it was particularly sad that Trump had to rely on Donald Trump Jr. to be his main attack dog. She then dropped the hammer on Trump Jr. by mocking his notorious passion for hunting animals and posing for photos with their corpses as trophies. “A guy who kills baby elephants for kicks to be giving James Comey a lesson in character is rich at best, and pathetic at worst,” she said.

Commenting on Wallace’s statements, Trump Jr. said in an interview with portal, “That’s perfectly alright, I have no problem with what she said whatsoever. That’s because, unlike her, I understand that this is a free country in which every citizen has an equal right to voice their opinion on any and all subjects. However, if I recall correctly, Wallace served under the Bush administration, which, if I’m not mistaken, invaded Iraq under the false threat of nuclear weapons. They literally wiped out an entire generation of people and sent them back to the stone age. So, for me to find any sort of meaning in the words of someone who served under a president who couldn’t tell whether or not he was being lied to by his own staff, I’m thinking, no. Hell no is more like it. At least my father knows what he’s doing and he hasn’t invaded a country – not yet, at least.”

He continued, “In all seriousness, I believe I have every right to stand up for my father as much as any other son and citizen of this country. The fact that we’re talking here about James Comey is just an added bonus in my book. The reason being, it takes someone who lacks a certain amount of emotion to be able to think straight nowadays. When tensions are running high, everybody’s emotions are heightened. Therefore, only people who have this unemotional worldview – or who have, for the sake of argument, killed baby elephants – are able to simultaneously have an open enough mind to contemplate the hypocrisy of James Comey. In other words, you need to have fewer emotions to be able to process the sheer amount of evidence that prove what a ginormous hypocrite Comey really is.”

“His job was to investigate anyone and everyone who looked suspicious, including high-ranking politicians and establishment. The man had one job – he was supposed to investigate whatever there was to investigate regarding primarily Hillary Clinton’s emails, and then a lot of other things. Instead, he only focused on the fake ‘Russian influence on the presidential election’ story. What kind of an FBI director makes a U turn like that? It was mind-boggling and incredibly shameful. James Comey is a world-class hypocrite and I’m glad he was caught in the act. I just think my dad shouldn’t have stopped at firing him; he should have put him in jail instead. That would have been a nice start,” Trump Jr. concluded.