Trump Blames Obama For His Clothing Line Made In China

“Donald Trump, who has repeatedly accused China of stealing manufacturing jobs from the U.S., acknowledged today that an array of Trump-branded clothes, accessories and other products are made in China. The real estate and casino mogul, who is considering a run for the Republican presidential nomination, blamed China for the fact that Trump ties, Trump cufflinks and even Trump teddy bears come with a “Made in China” label.

““The answer is very simple: Because of the fact that China so manipulates their currency it makes it almost impossible for American companies to compete,” Trump told ABC News. “You see it with all of the items you are talking about. You also see it with building products. If it continues this way, America won’t have any jobs, except for taking care of the elderly.”

Asked if China was the only culprit for the fact that the American economy continues to struggle, Trump stated: “Not in the least. There are a number of different problems, but two in particular stand out. China is the first one. The second one is Obama.”

While elaborating on his remarks, Trump turned to elementary economics to prove his point. “Basically, there are two sides to everything. The most obvious examples are supply and demand. Without demand, there is no supply and vice versa. Now, if it’s Chinese companies that are increasingly supplying Americans with what they need, that means American companies might as well stop working. But, on the other hand, when people don’t have enough money to pay for high-quality products such as the ones made in America, then demand for American products goes down, and demand for lame-ass, low-quality cheap stuff manufactured in China goes up.”

The reporter then asked Trump what that has to do with president Obama, to which the mogul replied: “Well, why do you think Americans can’t afford American products anymore? Because they’re spending all of their hard-earned money on health insurance fathered by our glorious Democratic president. That man is equally dangerous for Americans as the Chinese.”

“Trump hammered at China again Wednesday during a visit to New Hampshire. “China is raping this country,” Trump told employees at Wilcox Industries, which makes tactical equipment for U.S. military forces.

“But, at the same time Trump was speaking in New Hampshire, his Trump Store (in the lobby of the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in NYC) was contributing to the growth of Chinese manufacturing, arguably at the expense of American workers, selling $80 Trump-branded cotton sweaters and $70 Trump-branded warm-up tops, all made in China. Also available with the made in China tag: golf hats stamped with the Trump crest and stuffed animals.

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