Trump Promises To Hold ‘Thank You’ Rally Outside FBI Headquarters And Russian Embassy In D.C.

President-elect Donald Trump will hold his last “Thank You” tour rally of 2016 in Mobile, Alabama at the Ladd-Peebles Stadium. The rally is expected to begin at 4PM ET. During the campaign, Trump held a rally at the same location that drew an estimated 30,000 gawkers. While this is the last rally for this year, there have been rumblings from the Trump camp that Trump may make rallies a regular feature of his presidency – where he can soak up the adulation of his followers.

And although such a move was to be expected on some level due to Trump’s evident narcissism, there has also been rumor that he’s planning on holding two additional “Thank You” rallies before New Year’s Eve, both of which in Washington, D.C., apparently. And what’s more surprising is the fact that one of them is allegedly scheduled outside the FBI headquarters, and the other one outside the Russian Embassy.

“What can I say, I’m not like some people who forget who’s really responsible for their success and then pretend like it was their own two hands that got them the results they wanted,” the President-elect told The Washington Post while preparing to go on stage in Mobile, AL. “It’s true, I’m planning on holding two more rallies, yes. I wanted to show my appreciation to both the FBI, which has been doing a terrific job, and to the Russian Embassy as well, for their support of my campaign. I’m told that the Russian people celebrated my election victory as if they were Americans, I was very glad to hear that.”

“And, you know, the least I could do was the presidential thing and send both of them a huge ‘Thank You,’ so that they know I haven’t forgotten what they’ve done for me,” Trump continued. “I am particularly grateful to President Putin, who I think is a true leader, there aren’t many of those left, well, in addition to myself, that is. And I hope that many, many Americans show up at the two additional rallies to show their support and gratitude to the FBI and the Russians alongside their new president.”

The billionaire businessman refused to comment on the dates and times of the two newly-planned rallies, but did comment on the fact that Hillary Clinton openly criticized both Russia and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which she said was “deeply broken.” “What can I say, I understand how she must be feeling, she’s probably devastated, I know she was saying a lot of bad things about me, she was going after my family and all that, but at the end of the day, Americans showed who they wanted leading them, so I get why she’s upset. She’s just looking for someone to blame and that’s normal, you know, that’s natural, especially for a woman, because they’re more fragile and sensitive and emotional than men, so I’m not upset at all.”

“I have to say, though, I’m kind of proud of the Russians, despite the fact that they hacked us and violated our defenses and all that,” the President-elect added. Asked to elaborate, he said, “Because, you know, I know that was a bad thing, the fact that we let ourselves get hacked, despite them having done it to help me win. But you gotta be fair, after all, the CIA did blow up Chernobyl back in ’86, so yeah, they kind of owed us. You know, they’re moving up in the world and I’m glad these things are happening altogether and I think they’re good, despite many Americans thinking they’re bad. It makes the whole rivalry thing more interesting,” Trump concluded.