Trump Publicly Attacks Sessions: “The Man Was Obviously Planted By Obama To Destroy Me”

President Donald Trump’s decision to publicly attack his own attorney general this week is reportedly sending shock waves through the White House, even among the president’s most loyal supporters. Sources tell CNN that Trump’s rebuke of Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the Russia probe “is causing deep alarm inside the West Wing, leading some to worry that their loyalty to Trump might not be reciprocated from the man in the Oval Office.” “It’s chilling,” one White House official told CNN.

White House Official Said Trump on Sessions

Another White House official said that Trump’s attack was particularly jarring because Sessions has been one of the president’s most loyal cabinet members. “No one was more loyal than Sessions,” the official emphasized. “No one.”

Commenting on his attack on Jeff Sessions, President Trump told portal that he did “what had to be done” and that nobody should be surprised by his words, because “I want the people of America to know that the age of political correctness is gone and that, from now on, we’re going to call things by their true name regardless of who gets offended by it.”

“That’s how the president of this country, of any country for that matter, is supposed to deal with traitors,” he said. “Because they don’t deserve anything better than that. To betray my trust is one thing, that’s of secondary importance. But, to betray this country and its people, that’s the part I can’t forgive. Had I known this would happen, I never would have offered him the job.”

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He Continued at Jeff Sessions

He continued, “Jeff Sessions was the man who had my utmost confidence and trust. You don’t just go out and recuse yourself from something like this without, at the very least, giving me a warning before you go through with it. No, such a thing doesn’t happen spontaneously; I refuse to believe that the Jeff Sessions I once knew would do something like this, even unintentionally.

He must have been brainwashed; what’s more, the man was obviously planted by Obama to destroy me. That’s the only reasonable explanation I can think of to account for his actions. That, and the other one is that he’s suddenly developed Alzheimer’s or dementia. But, seeing how he’s still sharp-minded, I’d say the former makes a lot more sense.”

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He Said Obama’s Got Eyes and Ears Everywhere

President Trump on sessions also said “It must have been fairly easy to get to him, too. He gets around and knows a lot of people, and Obama’s got eyes and ears everywhere. But, the thing I’m struggling to figure out is, why now? He must have had countless other opportunities to act, things he could have done to cause much more damage to me and this country.

Then again, if he could have Hillary Clinton running for president after him in spite of everything she’s done, having his CIA guys brainwash Jeff Sessions must have been like a walk in the park. You know, I have to note, one never truly gets used to how the Democrats operate and how far they’re willing to go sometimes.

They’re almost like the Nazis – they have guys everywhere and know everything and they don’t care what it is they do and who they ruin as long as they get what they want. The difference is, the Nazis loved Germany and did everything for its sake – I think we’re all seeing that’s not the case with Barack Obama and the Democrats,” Trump concluded.

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