Trump Supports Kyrie Irving’s ‘Heroic’ War On Media Lies About Flat Earth

Kyrie Irving, point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, has revealed he believes the Earth is flat. Irving made headlines when he questioned the shape of the Earth on a conspiracy theory-themed episode of the Road Trippin’ with RJ and Channing podcast with teammates Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye. Irving was responding to a question from Frye about whether or not he believes in aliens. “This is not even a conspiracy theory,” Irving told Jefferson and Frye while recording the podcast on an airplane. “The Earth is flat. The Earth is flat…it’s right in front of our faces. I’m telling you, it’s right in front of our faces. They lie to us.”

What is, perhaps, even more surprising is the fact that President Donald Trump chipped in on the discussion with a tweet right after the podcast, tweeting, “We need to listen to Kyrie Irving more, people. He’s got a good point on mainstream media.” President Trump’s outright hatred towards mainstream media is well-known, due to the fact that he believes they are “out to get him” and “make him look bad” – a belief that has to do with numerous reports by some of the biggest news houses of his misdeeds during his presidential campaign last year. “I’ve always said it and everybody though I was crazy, nobody believed me. Finally, I’ve got someone on my side. Took him long enough, though,” Trump told Internet portal

Asked to elaborate on the extent of his support to the Cleveland Cavaliers point guard’s statement, President Trump said that he understands “the size of the fight and the war he’s going to get dragged into now that he’s drawn first blood,” but added that “I’m going to stand by his side and support his war on mainstream media lies.” “I know damn good what it feels like to be left alone at the shooting range with a bull’s eye hanging from your back while so-called reporters take shots at you. That’s no joke; I’ve been there countless times. So, I know what he’s going through, and I’m not going to abandon him the way I’ve been abandoned before,” Trump said.

While commenting on Irving’s statement, the billionaire-turned-president also mentioned that he’s “not entirely sure” who’s really in the wrong when it comes to the age-old dispute on whether or not the Earth is flat. “Don’t get me wrong – I’ve got Irving’s back, that much is certain. But, as for whether he’s got a point or not, you know, I’m neither a scientist, nor an astronaut. And at the end of the day, I figure those are pretty much the only two types of people who ever get the chance to find out the truth for themselves, with their own eyes. To be quite honest, I’m not entirely sure who’s right, but I’ve made a decision. By God and the Wall I’m going to build – I’m sticking to it,” he concluded.