Trump Supports Nuclear War Between North Korea And Japan: “It’d Be Good For U.S. Economy”

Speaking at a rally in Rothschild, Wisconsin ahead of the state’s primary on Tuesday, the Republican presidential frontrunner said that if conflict between Japan and nuclear-armed North Korea were to break out, “it would be a terrible thing, but if they do, they do.” “Good luck,” he added. “Enjoy yourself, folks.” Referring to North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, Trump also complained that the US had 28,000 troops on the armistice line between North Korea and South Korea “to stop a maniac.”

“What are we talking about here people?” the billionaire businessman asked. “Are we seriously talking about what’s going on half way around the world? Instead of having them worry about us, we’re doing the opposite. When did America become a Second-World country that concerns itself with the petty feuds of Asian countries? Come on, we’ve got bigger fish to fry. Like, how many Syrian refugees are actually ISIS terrorists just waiting to blow up something on American soil, or should we really let them settle up in the North Pole. That’s the kind of thing we should be worried about.”

He added, “Then again, if it does happen, you know, we shouldn’t be a part of it, obviously. I mean, let the other guys wage war a little bit, it doesn’t always have to be us. Although, there is one aspect of nuclear war that would be good for our country. You know how these things go, if they go at it, there’s no way it’s going to stay between just them. South Korea is going to interfere almost immediately, then China will as well, and you know nothing goes down in Asia without Putin. So, our economy could probably have a boost as a consequence. That could be a plus side of the whole deal.”

“We could really make America great again – get it? – just by being smart enough to stay out of the conflict itself, but at the same time, benefit from it. Like, they’re going to need weapons, rockets and other military stuff, right? And we have one of the most advanced military industries on the planet. Then there’s also communication, logistics, transportation, I mean, we’ve got a whole range of stuff we could sell them and profit from it. Come to think of it, this could really be our way of getting all those jobs back from China and getting rid of a number of our competitors at the same time. You know what? I’ve changed my mind – I’m now officially cheering for a nuclear war between the North Koreans and Japanese. And as always, we’ll be there to comfort the losing side,” Trump concluded.

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