Trump: “The Japs Can Afford To Do Nothing All Day, We Invented Nukes To Protect Them”

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump claimed Japan, an ally of the United States, can “sit home and watch Sony television” if the U.S. is ever attacked. “You know we have a treaty with Japan, where if Japan is attacked, we have to use the full force and might of the United States,” Trump said during an appearance in Iowa on Friday. “If we’re attacked, Japan doesn’t have to do anything. They can sit home and watch Sony television, OK?”

“And why is that?” he asked. “Why does that sound so unfair? I’ll tell you why. It’s not because our nuclear arsenal is the most powerful nuclear arsenal on the planet,” he shouted, causing an applause and whistles of approval. “I mean, it is, but that’s not the reason why. No, the real reason they get to sit around and do nothing is because they know we’ll be there to blast anyone foolish enough to attack them to kingdom come. And therein lies another truth, something Barack Obama and no other United States president before him would ever admit to you. Our nukes were invented to protect Japan.”

“You want to talk about the Japanese? We can talk about the Japanese. We can talk about how they learned their lesson back in 1945,” he continued to an even bigger wave of screams and hand claps. “But the real truth is that we invented nukes for Hitler, not for them. And after Pearl Harbor, we realized that the people of Japan are suffering from a classic case of bad leadership. I mean, why else would a mouse attack a lion? So we figured we’d help them out, you know, by making sure they never side with Nazis again. And it worked – we’ve been friends ever since,” he added.

The Republican presidential nominee argued, “And that’s why today they can sit around and do nothing, watch their high-tech TVs and eat dogs or whatever, because in the back of their minds they know that they’re safe. In fact, they’re so safe that they could go around picking fights with other countries and no one could do a damn thing about it because they know we’ve got their back. If memory serves me, I think they also tried to invade China once, Russia too. Now, I don’t know about them, but maybe a smaller country like, I don’t know, Indonesia, or Australia or even South Korea. I wouldn’t mess with North Korea, though, they’re pretty snappy,” Trump said jokingly.

“So there you have it folks, that’s the truth,” the billionaire businessman said. “The entire United States nuclear arsenal was created for the sole purpose of helping out the Japanese and that’s the only reason why they get to have all the fun today while the rest of us have to work our butts off every day. And you want to know what my biggest regret is? Not a single ‘Thank you, America.’ Not a single one in, what’s it been, 70 years? I mean, come on, these are human lives we’re talking about here. We’re not asking a freakin’ parade, just three simple words. Or two, if they want to use their own language, which I’m pretty sure they do. And then they go around bragging about their tradition and respect and customs. I’m literally ashamed for them, seriously,” Trump concluded.

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