Trump: “The Media Exploded About My 2nd Amendment Remarks, But Were Quiet After Scalia was Killed”

In addition to talking about the upcoming presidential election being “rigged,” Donald Trump has now floated the possibility of using violence to stop Hillary Clinton from picking Supreme Court judges should she be elected president. During a rally in North Carolina on Tuesday, Trump raised the prospect of Hillary Clinton picking Supreme Court justices, which drew immediate boos from the crowd. “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks,” Trump said, before adding, “Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is.” The statement implies that Americans can stop Hillary Clinton from appointing judges by exercising their Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms.

In a peculiar interview with The New York Times just hours after the rally, the Republican presidential nominee stated that the media is “hypocritical” in that they’re causing a hiatus over his “harmless 2nd Amendment jokes,” while at the same time, the same media were “nowhere to be found” when Justice Antonin Scalia passed away. According to Trump, who is rarely seen losing his temper, such hypocrisy is “an obvious sign that the presidential election is rigged,” and that dark forces have “conspired against traditional Americans” in an attempt to rewrite history by appointing the first female President of the United States.

“Justice Scalia was a great man, everybody knows that and agrees on it,” the billionaire businessman said. “And I’ll tell you another thing that’s not a secret – he was killed, he didn’t die, he was killed in a conspiracy that aimed to ensure the Supreme Court never again has a conservative majority. And when you put things like that, it’s pretty obvious who’s behind such a conspiracy. And here’s the interesting bit – when that happened, I don’t know if you recall, but when that happened, not a single major newspaper, online portal or media outlet wrote about it, not the conspiracy, not about Obama, nothing, not one word.”

He continued, “And in my mind, and I’m sure in the mind of every traditional American in this country, there were questions brewing, there was rage over the murder of a good man and a wise man. But like I said, the media for some reason didn’t deem it important enough. Apart from covering that he had died, no indications were made about the why of it all.” Trump then swung the accusation ball over to the other end of the ballpark: “Yet, I make one joke about the 2nd Amendment people and how they could prevent the destruction of the Supreme Court, and all of a sudden, you tell me that I’m being controversial and that I’m instigating and implying violence. This must be a joke.”

That’s when the counter-accusations took off. “You should be ashamed of yourself, you and everybody else who dares to call themselves reporters,” the real estate magnate went off. “You call me racist, misogynous, bigoted, and hypocritical when, all the while, the media is brimming with hypocrisy. Where were you when Justice Scalia was murdered?” Trump started using difficult words. “Where were you when the Democrats wanted to make sure SCOTUS would never again be able to have a conservative majority? You were writing about the stocks on Wall Street and bashing me for wanting to build a wall. However, when I point out the obvious, which is that Hillary Clinton is planning on turning SCOTUS into a liberal catastrophe, I’m labeled as an instigator? You must be out of your mind, quite frankly,” he argued before storming off.

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