Trump: “The Only Way To Have World Peace Is For Every Country To Have A Nuclear Weapon”

During his Thursday speech in Burlington, Vermont, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump stated that “some sense of equality” is the only way of achieving world peace. He opined that “allowing each country in the world to have a nuclear weapon” is “right now the best way of ensuring such equality.”

Asked about why he feels that way, the real estate magnate mentioned the Umpqua Community College mass shooting in Oregon, which took place in early October, saying that “lives would have been saved if more people had guns at that college.” “I can make the case that if there were guns in that room other than [the shooter’s], fewer people would have died. Fewer people would have been so horribly injured.”

“And the same logic can be applied to the bigger picture. I mean, right now you’ve got a situation where there’s terrorism and where people are scared to walk the streets of their neighborhoods because they fear a suicide bomber might blow himself up right next to them. And we’ve got to ask ourselves, ‘Why is this happening?’ ‘What motivates these people to take their own lives in such a way?’ And it’s not about idealism or religion, I don’t believe that. It has to do with jealousy, and that comes from inequality,” Trump opined.

He continued: “Why do you think so many people want to become Americans? Because this is the greatest country in the world and because people are drawn to us like flies to honey. And some of them choose to take the easy way out and migrate, while others are forced to stay behind in third world countries. That causes discontent, those people aren’t happy. So, that’s where we need to look for answers. And I think nuclear weapons are the answer we’ve been looking for for a long time.”

Trump then brought forth a theory that “giving a nuclear warhead to every country in the world would make them feel more important and more significant on the world political stage, which would result in fewer actual confrontations and wars.” “I’m not talking about a new arms race; I’m talking about a more equal distribution of power,” he added. “A distribution of power that could end wars, not start them.”

He also said, “And I also believe that would be a great way to get rid of some of the more antiquated nuclear weaponry our country has been having trouble maintaining. This would easily solve that problem. Then, a person in the audience asked, “But, wouldn’t that weaken us as a country and increase our enemies’ destructive potential?”

Trump slightly smiled and replied, “You clearly weren’t listening. I said we should encourage a MORE equal distribution of power, not a COMPLETELY equal one. We’d still keep the best stuff for ourselves. Or, in the words of the great Henry Ford, ‘Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.’ I think that explains everything.”

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