Trump Threatens To “Ban Tattooed Punk Trudeau From The United States”

With his Prince Charming good looks and a grasp of quantum computing, Justin Trudeau has already proven he’s got both brains and beauty. But on Thursday the Canadian Prime-Minister was more than happy to show off his brawn at a Brooklyn boxing gym, sporting a sleeveless tank top that showed his biceps were also on duty. Trudeau, 43, made sure to have some fun during his three-day trip to New York, lacing up his boxing gloves at the famous Gleason’s Gym.

However, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump appears to be feeling threatened by the Canadian heartbreaking PM. At a Donald J. Trump for President rally in Hagerstown, MD, the billionaire businessman argued that “not everything is supposed to be resolved with the use of force,” as well as that “sheer brawling power loses big-time when compared to wisdom and manners.” “And as everybody knows, I am the epitome of good manners,” he said at the Rider Jet Center at Hagerstown, MD, on Sunday.

“I don’t really get these young kids today,” the media mogul said. “I mean, what is it with tattoos? Sure, we had those back in my day, but they weren’t nearly as widespread. Today we’ve got kids in elementary school who are getting ink. And don’t give me any of that ‘tattooed guys look hotter than guys without tattoos’ BS. That’s not a sign of whether or not someone’s a badass. Take the Canadian Prime Minister, for example. He’s got an ugly-ass tattoo on his shoulder, and then he puts on a suit and tries to talk about quantum computing. It’s like mixing oil and milk – the two just don’t work well together. You’re either a tattooed punk or a nerd. Can’t be both.”

Trump also added, “And just to make things clear – Trudeau falls in the former category,” causing whistles of disapproval mostly from the female members of the audience. “What? It’s true. I don’t care that you think he’s attractive, I know that’s what you girls think. But us men? He can’t fool us. He’s just another tattooed punk who thinks boxing and violence is the answer to the world’s problems. And as you know, I’ve always advocated peaceful, pacifistic responses to political crises. And we don’t need foreign war-mongers here in America, nooo Sir. We’ve got plenty of our own. So I’m going to ban him as soon as I become president. Then he can do all the war-mongering he wants in his own country. We’re doing just fine as is,” the former reality TV star argued.

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