Trump Threatens To Put Special Prosecutor On Hillary’s Emails If She Backs Recount: “’Lock Her Up’ Just Got Back On The Table”

In a statement posted to Medium on Saturday morning, the general counsel for Hillary for America announced the campaign would get behind recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan should Green Party candidate Jill Stein make good on her promise to look into voting totals in those states. According to attorney Marc Erik Elias, the campaign has been reviewing their options since the loss to GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, including allegations of tampering.

When the president-elect himself was asked to comment on the latest development in the aftermath of the presidential election, he spoke in his own, unique style: “Meh, I figured they were going to do that, because they can’t even take a beating like it’s meant to be taken. I figured it was just a matter of time before Crooked Hillary found a way to dispute a regularly held and completely fair voting process, and this just goes to show I was right about her all along. This is what Democrats do, people, they refuse to admit defeat even when it’s as obvious as they come.”

On Sunday, president-elect Trump told media outlets that he too “can play that game.” “I get that they’ve got a grudge against me, I mean, I’m used to that sort of thing, but at the end of the day, I see no reason for hard-working Americans to have to pay for a recount or be inconvenienced in any other way,” he argued. “But, I’m never one to back down from a fight. I won the election fair and square, as God and millions of Americans are my witnesses. And if she wants to dispute that and argue that I lied to the people of this country, then I intend to fight her with everything I’ve got and hold nothing back.”

“And unfortunately for her, as president-elect I have the power to put a special prosecutor in charge of her emails, who’s going to dig through everything she’s ever written on a computer, going back to when computers were first invented,” Trump said. “And I have no problem doing that if she backs that recount. I have no problem tearing her life apart and showing everyone how rotten she really is on the inside. I have a strong stomach and I believe most Americans do, as well.”

He added, “And what do you think is going to happen when someone takes a look at what happened with her emails for real, in an impartial way? When there aren’t anymore secrets that’ll stay hidden because of her friends in the FBI and other government agencies? That’s right, everything is going to come out and it won’t be a pretty sight. You remember the whole ‘Lock Her Up’ thing from back on the campaign trail? Well, it just got back on the table, and I have a feeling this time it’s here to stay,” the president-elect concluded.