Trump To Build A Wall Around Cuba: “People Like Ted Cruz Are Coming Here And Stealing My Ideas”

In recent days, Donald Trump has been airing a new complaint: Ted Cruz is getting in on his wall game. “People are picking up all of my ideas, including Ted, who started talking about building a wall two days ago,” Trump told POLITICO on Tuesday. “The fact is, they won’t get it built, they don’t know how to do the job and they won’t get Mexico to pay for it.” In a TV interview on Sunday, he also said, “I was watching the other day. And I was watching Ted talk. And he said, ‘We will build a wall.’ The first time I’ve ever heard him say it. And my wife, who was sitting next to me, said, ‘Oh, look. He’s copying what you’ve been saying for a long period of time.’”

“And it doesn’t really make any sense,” the real estate mogul added. “I mean, isn’t it a politician’s job to be creative? Don’t politicians have to constantly think of new ways of solving problems? I think they do. But here, here you’ve got a situation where everybody’s copying what I’ve said first, and they’re making it look like it was their idea. Actually, scratch that. I’m going to call it like it is – they are stealing from me, they are stealing my ideas and Ted Cruz is insane if he thinks he’s going to get away with it.”

Trump went on to say that “the only solution for these kinds of people is more walls. I said I’d build a wall on our southern border to keep illegal immigrants out, well now I’m thinking we need another wall. A wall that encircles Cuba completely, and prevents people like Rafael Cruz and Ted Cruz from coming to America and stealing my ideas. The whole wall thing is my intellectual property, it was my brainchild and I will sue anybody who tries to take that from me for everything they’ve got. And trust me when I say, it is not a good idea to go to court against me.”

“And another thing,” the media magnate continued. “I know everything there is to know about building a wall, the engineering behind it. Cruz, on the other hand, hasn’t got a clue. Whether it was Harvard, Princeton or whatever fancy school he went to, I can guarantee he didn’t learn anything about building a wall there. But, since he’s Cuban, I’m thinking he knows how to do manual labor. I mean, Cubans are great at that, because they can’t do anything else. So, when I’m president and the whole wall thing gets real, I might hire him to dig the foundation or mix the cement or something. It’s not a great job, but at least it’ll keep him from embarrassing himself on national TV, pretending to be a politician. I know it’s probably not much, but I try to help out whenever I can and in any way I can.”