Trump Urges Rally Attendees To “Report Obama If They’re Suspicious He Is Muslim”

Everybody knew Donald Trump was about to go off on one of his trademark rants at a rally in South Carolina recently when he said of Muslims: “I know so many, they’re so great, they’re such good people.” Much as he tends to compliment immigrants before attacking them as likely rapists and murderers, Trump then said that the government must be concerned about Muslim refugees because “there’s something going on.”

He also said that there is something about President Obama that makes him ignore this supposed threat from Muslims: “We can’t close our eyes. I don’t know what’s wrong with Obama, he wants to close his eyes and pretend it’s not happening. Why is he so emphatic on not solving the problem? There’s something we don’t know about. There’s something we don’t know about.”

The real estate magnate then once again brought forth the theory that President Obama is a Muslim and also asked rally attendees to “report the President to authorities if you have any suspicions whatsoever about his religion.”

“C’mon people, everybody in this room is familiar with the birth certificate incident our President has,” Trump said. “Don’t tell me that we have a single person in this room who actually believes that President Obama is a Christian? Where are you, show yourself? That’s right, no one. He knows what he is, we know what he is, so what are we all waiting for? Let’s put a Christian and a true American back in the White House!” he yelled, causing the room to explode in applause and whistles.

The media mogul also added: “You know what? I want every single person here to pick up their phone and spread the word, I want people throughout the country to sit down tonight and think very hard. If you take into consideration everything you know, or everything you think you know about our president, and you find yourselves thinking he is a Muslim, I want you to pick up your phone and report him to the authorities, report him to the FBI, report him to whoever you can think of. We need to take charge and seize control of this country from anyone who aims to hurt it, and judging by what Obama has been doing for the last 8 years, I think we all know what he really plans on doing with it, as well as what he’s working on now.”

“If the FBI won’t arrest him, DEA will. If they won’t, Homeland Security will. If they won’t, the CIA will. I don’t care, we have plenty of agencies in this country that care about its wellbeing and I refuse to believe that we lack the tools to protect ourselves. And look at what Obama’s planning on doing with Syrian refugees. That’s a whole other story and all the more reason to put him away for good A.S.A.P,” Trump argued.