Trump Vows To Work With Chris Christie “As DOJ Head” On A Plan To Cancel The FBI


<span class=”fact”>Moon Township, Pa. – Donald Trump on Sunday promised supporters that “rank-and-file” FBI agents would continue their investigation of his Democratic opponent, even as the agency’s chief announced the case was closed. FBI Director James Comey shook up the presidential race for the second time in nine days with his announcement that a review of the computer belonging to the estranged husband of a top aide to Clinton had not altered Comey’s July decision not to recommend prosecution.</span>

“It’s shameful, it’s disgraceful, it’s illegal and it’s the biggest and most obvious demonstration of corruption in U.S. politics since Watergate,” Trump spared no words when commenting on Comey’s letter to Congress. “That man has got his head so far up Hillary Clinton’s a** that the only thing left sticking out are his toes. And it’s become so obvious that he’s Crooked Hillary’s lapdog that I don’t even see the point of having an FBI if this is what it plans to keep on doing.”

He continued, “That’s why I vow that if I’m the President of the United States, I will work alongside Chris Christie, who will be appointed the new head of the Department of Justice, on a first ever plan to cancel and dismantle the pitiful organization that has the audacity to call itself the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And I will do that on the very first day I get to the White House; there better be a secure, private telephone line waiting for me when I go in there. I won’t have time to be on hold and listen to jingles, there are serious problems we need to fix.”

The Republican presidential candidate also argued that he will be “focused mostly on internal matters of the country,” leaving the foreign policy to the experts. “After we’re done dismantling the FBI, I’m going to hand its job over to the CIA. They’ve been doing very good abroad, so I figure they ought to be able to do the same thing at home. I mean, they won’t be needed in foreign battlefields since we’ll have our hands untied when it comes to influencing other nations’ policy.”

Warned that the U.S. has repeatedly gotten protests from foreign governments regarding America’s implication in those nations’ internal affairs, Trump argued, “If they want to have it their way, they can. I just don’t them to come to me afterwards when they see all the great stuff we did for other, neighboring countries. If it comes to that, I won’t help them out. It’s as simple as that,” he said.

“But I think me and Chris Christie are more than capable of doing the FBI’s job more adequately than them, especially when it comes to hunting down criminals and liars and locking them up for good so that they can’t do anymore damage, ever,” the billionaire businessman said. “And another thing – I am going to look so good in the Oval Office Hillary Clinton is going to have a picture of me in it to keep her warm in those cold, dark nights in Julia Tutwiler Prison.”